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21-Apr-1994Barry Smith, ideological solutions vs. practical solutions, Baer's Garbage Principle, justice issues, John Rawls, foreign aid, Peter Berger and Richard John Neuhaus To Empower People - mediating structures, government neutrality on issues of The Good, the effects of private sexual behavior on our ability to address environmental issues - illegitimacy and single parentingBaer, Richard
12-Apr-1994Biocentrism and animal rights; Paul Taylor, The Ethics of Respect for Nature; Peter Singer, Animal Liberation - human beings are not different from other animals in any qualitative sense; Regan, Animal Rights and Human Obligations: the rights view - attempts to limit the rights view to human beings are "rationally defective"; Paul Taylor - extends rights to plants; the Image of God as the origin of human equality; the bigotry of modern philosophersBaer, Richard
11-Sep-2003Carl Sagan's Cosmos vs. the Genesis accounts of creation, human dominion over nature, freedom, determinism, moral responsibility, Gordon Kaufman on Kant The Concept of Nature: A Problem for Theology, what is nature? can human beings be fully comprehended under the term nature? The terms world, cosmos, and universe, brief discussionBaer, Richard
5-May-1994Celebration, praise, and thanksgivingBaer, Richard
31-Mar-1994Class discussion: the meaning of nature: can human beings be fully comprehended under the term nature? Are human beings more valuable than any other part of nature? The infamous caterpillar exampleBaer, Richard
17-Mar-1994Controlling nature: Leiss The Domination of Nature, the myth of Icarus, Francis Bacon, Betrand Russell Icarus, or the Future of Science, Mircea Eliade The Forge and the Crucible, alchemy and magic, the secular version of the alchemist's dream as the driving force in modern society, Goethe's Faust, CS Lewis The Abolition of Man and That Hideous Strength, discussionBaer, Richard
27-Sep-2001The de-mythologizing and de-sacralizing of nature, Greek philosophy, natural causes for natural events, cyclical vs. linear view of time, David and Bathsheba, discussionBaer, Richard
24-Feb-1994Deontological ethics, social contract theories, John Rawls A Theory of Justice, Jeremy Bentham and John Stuart Mill (utilitarians), "rights", English Liberalism, John LockeBaer, Richard
23-Sep-2003The desacralization of nature, Leo Marx Pastoral Ideals and City Troubles, recurring themes in literature - retreat from civilization, escape to nature, return to civilization; The Interrupted Idyll, symbolic landscape, lengthy discussion - racism, breakdown of family structure, lack of diverse viewpoints at CornellBaer, Richard
22-Feb-1994Descriptive vs. normative ethics, meta-ethics, logical positivism, the extent of ethical consensus, John Rawls "reflective equilibrium", teleological ethics, Alistair MacIntyreBaer, Richard
27-Jan-1994Environmental studies - theory vs. specificsBaer, Richard
4-Sep-2001The epistemological status of moral claims, CS Lewis The Abolition of Man, human dominance over nature; Thomas MertonBaer, Richard
6-Sep-2001Epistemology (discussion): radical doubt, "knowledge equals certainty", warrantable assertions, examples: gratuitous harm and truth-telling, difference between hard and social sciences, experimental method, literature as thought-experiment, learning by mistakes (eg. no-fault divorce), unprovable assumptions of scienceBaer, Richard
25-Sep-2001Epistemology, Gordon Kaufman, Ian Barbour, Carl Sagan, the Genesis account from the Bible, H. and H.A. Frankfort Before Philosophy, personalized nature, myths, an example of a scientific mythBaer, Richard
29-Mar-1994A feminist perspective on environmental ethics: Carol Gilligan, Val Plumwood, the effects of the sexual revolution, daycare vs. parental care, Wendell Berry The Unsettling of AmericaBaer, Richard
4-Dec-2003FriendsBaer, Richard
25-Nov-2003The future of NR-407Baer, Richard
12-Mar-1994Galatians, historical time line for Judaism and Christianity, Gospel precedes Law, Peter, Paul, and circumcision, Harvard grad school, Emil Brunner, how are we to love our neighbor?Baer, Richard
1-Feb-1994God and Religion: William Cantwell Smith The Meaning and End of Religion, "religio", reification, God reveals not religion, but himself; the language of discourse in the university, the importance of soft knowledgeBaer, Richard
11-Nov-2003The God Who PlaysBaer, Richard
Showing results 6 to 25 of 52
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