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13-Nov-2003Reinhold Niebuhr, history of Judaism and Christianity, Paul's letter to the Galatians, God's love, freedom, writer's block at HarvardBaer, Richard
16-Sep-2003Relationship between humans and nature, dominion over nature, H. and H.A. Frankfort Before Philosophy, ancient and modern cultural myths, Lynn White The Historical Roots of Our Ecological Crisis, Western scientific progress and the desacralization of nature, Louis Moncrief The Cultural Basis of Our Environmental Crisis, democratization and the exploitation of nature, Biblical environmentalism, short discussionBaer, Richard
3-Feb-1994Religion in the University: Emil Brunner, Jefferson and the use of the word sectarian, implications for government public schools, the Big Questions, religious neutrality, a functional view of religion, Emil Durkheim, the Cornell School of Human Ecology, discussionBaer, Richard
28-Oct-2003Running commentary on Stanley Hauerwas on Iris Murdoch, the concepts of freedom, humility, and loveBaer, Richard
7-Oct-2003Science in the context of an absence of transcendent authority, the need for authoritative community, a functional view of religion, Emil Durkheim, the Big Questions, Wilfred Cantwell SmithBaer, Richard
6-Nov-2003Sin, determinism, human responsibility, Reinhold NiebuhrBaer, Richard
1-Mar-1994Stanley Hauerwas on Iris Murdoch, the meaning of "freedom", rationality in the service of desire vs. being part of a worthy story, cost-benefit analysis vs. "unselfing", Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, discussionBaer, Richard
3-Mar-1994Uriah the Hittite, ideological taint, sensuality vs. prideBaer, Richard
10-Feb-1994Wayne Booth The Rhetoric of Assent, knowledge claims in the hard sciences vs. knowledge claims in the humanities, Neurath's boat, how to show proper respect for moral and religious argumentsBaer, Richard
30-Oct-2003Wendell Berry, hyper-individualism and faithfulness to each other and to the environment, the environmental effect of social pathologies, the interrelatedness of things, David Blankenhorn, fatherlessnessBaer, Richard
4-Nov-2003What do Christianity and Judaism have to say about environmental ethics, Plato, the ancient Hebrews, Deuteronomy 26:1-9, Joshua, the Decalogue, Emil BrunnerBaer, Richard
18-Sep-2001What is nature, discussion, the infamous caterpillar exampleBaer, Richard
5-Apr-1994What is nature? Gordon Kaufman The Concept of Nature: A Problem for Theology; terms: nature, natural, artificial, world, cosmos, universeBaer, Richard
Showing results 40 to 52 of 52
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