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10-Jun-2010Canopy Dynamics in Nanoscale Ionic MaterialsJesperson, M.L.; Mirau, P.A.; Meerwal, R.A.; Vaia, R.A.; Rodriguez, R.; Giannelis, E.P.
2-Dec-2009Clay nanocomposites based on poly(vinylidene fluoride-co-hexafluoropropylene): Structure and propertiesKelarakis, A.; Hayrapetyan, S.; Ansari, S.; Fang, J.; Estevez, L.; Giannelis, E.P.
4-May-2011Crystallization and unusual rheological behavior in poly(ethylene oxide)-clay nanocompositesKelarakis, A.; Giannelis, E.P.
28-May-2010Fouling Release Nanostructured Coatings based on PDMS-polyurea Segmented CopolymersFang, J.; Kelarakis, A.; Wang, D.; Giannelis, E.P.
7-May-2010Fullerol ionic fluidsFernandes, N.; Dallas, P.; Rodriguez, R.; Bourlinos, A.B.; Georgakilas, V.; Giannelis, E.P.
18-Oct-2010High Efficiency Nanocomposite Sorbents for CO₂ Capture based on Amine-functionalized Mesoporous CapsulesQi, G.; Estevez, L.; Anako, N.; Park, A-H.; Li, W.; Jones, C.; Giannelis, E.P.
4-Aug-2011Mesoporous amine-bridged polysilsesquioxane for CO2 captureQi, G.; Fu, L.; Duan, X.; Choi, B-H.; Abraham, M.; Giannelis, E.P.
8-Jul-2009Miscibility-Dispersion, Interfacial Strength and Nanoclay Mobility Relationships in Polymer NanocompositesCarretero-González, J.; Retsos, H.; Giannelis, E.P.; Ezquerra, T.A.; Hernández, M.; López-Manchado, M.A.
22-May-2009Nafion-clay hybrids with a network structureBurgaz, E.; Lian, H.; Alonso, H.; Estevez, L.; Kelarakis, A.; Giannelis, E.P.
22-May-2009Nafion/Clay Hybrids with a Network StructureBurgaz, E.; Lian, H.; Alonso, H.; Estevez, L.; Kelarakis, A.; Giannelis, E.P.
22-May-2009Nafion-clay nanocomposite membranes: Morphology and propertiesAlonso, R.H.; Estevez, L.; Lian, H.Q.; Kelarakis, A.; Giannelis, E.P.
18-Nov-2008Nanoscale Ionic Materials, NIMSRodriguez, R.; Herrara, R.; Archer, L.A.; Giannelis, E.P.
1-Feb-2010Superhydrophilic and solvent resistant coatings on polypropylene fabrics by a simple deposition processFang, J.; Kelarakis, A.; Estevez, L.; Wang, Y.; Rodriguez, R.; Giannelis, E.P.
17-Feb-2010The synthesis and properties of nanoscale ionic materialsRodriguez, R.; Herrera, R.; Bourlinos, A.; Li, R.; Amassian, A.; Archer, L.A.; Giannelis, E.P.
Showing results 1 to 14 of 14


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