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Sep-1983Generalized Kolmogorov Complexity and the Structure of Feasible ComputationsHartmanis, Juris
Apr-1989Godel, von Neumann and the P=?NP ProblemHartmanis, Juris
May-1984Independence Results about Context-Free Languages and Lower BoundsHartmanis, Juris
Dec-1976Independence Results in Computer ScienceHartmanis, Juris; Hopcroft, John E.
Feb-1980Languages Simultaneously Complete for One-Way and Two-Way Log-Tape AutomataHartmanis, Juris; Mahaney, Stephen R.
May-1973The LBA Problem and its Importance in the Theory of ComputingHartmanis, Juris; Hunt, Harry B., III
Apr-1988New Developments in Structural Complexity TheoryHartmanis, Juris
Jan-1980A Note on Natural Creative Sets and Goedel NumberingsHartmanis, Juris
Sep-1969A Note on One-way and Two-way AutomataHartmanis, Juris
May-1975A Note on Tape Bounds for SLA Language ProcessingHartmanis, Juris; Berman, L.
Jan-1980Observations About the Development of Theoretical Computer ScienceHartmanis, Juris
Apr-1980On Census Complexity and Sparseness of NP Complete SetsHartmanis, Juris; Mahaney, Stephen R.
Apr-1985On Complete Problems for NP$\cap$CoNPHartmanis, Juris; Immerman, Neil
Jul-1975On Effective Speed-up and Long Proofs of Trivial Theorems in Formal TheoriesHartmanis, Juris
Jan-1986One-Way Functions, Robustness, and the Non-Isomorphism of NP-Complete SetsHartmanis, Juris; Hemachandra, Lane A.
Jul-1978One-Way Log-Tape ReductionsHartmanis, Juris; Immerman, Neil; Mahaney, Stephen R.
Mar-1982On Goedel Speed-Up and Succinctness of Language RepresentationHartmanis, Juris
May-1990On IP=PSPACE and Theorems with Narrow ProofsHartmanis, Juris; Chang, Richard; Ranjan, Desh; Rohatgi, Pankaj
Oct-1975On Isomorphisms and Density of NP and Other Complete SetsHartmanis, Juris; Berman, L.
Jul-1977On Log-Tape Isomorphisms of Complete SetsHartmanis, Juris
Showing results 9 to 28 of 56
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