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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-May-2010Halting and Equivalence of Program Schemes in Models of Arbitrary TheoriesKozen, Dexter
28-Oct-2002Halting and Equivalence of Schemes over Recursive TheoriesKozen, Dexter
18-Oct-2007Indefinite Summation and the Kronecker DeltaKozen, Dexter; Timme, Marc
1-Jul-2013Infinitary Axiomatization of the Equational Theory of Context-Free LanguagesGrathwohl, Niels Bjørn Bugge; Henglein, Fritz; Kozen, Dexter
2-Jan-2001Intuitionistic Linear Logic and Partial CorrectnessKozen, Dexter; Tiuryn, Jerzy
8-Jan-2014KAT + B!Grathwohl, Niels Bjørn Bugge; Kozen, Dexter; Mamouras, Konstantinos
21-Aug-2003KAT-ML: An Interactive Theorem Prover for Kleene Algebra with TestsAboul-Hosn, Kamal; Kozen, Dexter
20-Dec-2004Kleene Algebra and Bytecode VerificationKot, Lucja; Kozen, Dexter
27-Feb-2014Kleene Algebra with EquationsKozen, Dexter; Mamouras, Konstantinos
Jan-1996Kleene algebra with tests and commutativity conditionsKozen, Dexter
10-Jul-2001Kleene Algebra with Tests and Program SchematologyAngus, Allegra; Kozen, Dexter
17-Nov-2003Kleene Algebra with Tests and the Static Analysis of ProgramsKozen, Dexter
Apr-1996Kleene Algebra with Tests: Completeness and DecidabilityKozen, Dexter; Smith, Frederick
Jun-1999Language-Based SecurityKozen, Dexter
23-Aug-2011Left-Handed CompletenessKozen, Dexter; Silva, Alexandra
25-Jun-2009Lexicographic FlowKozen, Dexter
May-1994Logical Aspects of Set ConstraintsKozen, Dexter
Jan-1989Logics of ProgramsKozen, Dexter; Tiuryn, Jerzy
27-Sep-2002Malicious Code Detection for Open FirmwareAdelstein, Frank; Stillerman, Matt; Kozen, Dexter
21-May-2014A Metrized Duality Theorem for Markov ProcessesKozen, Dexter; Mardare, Radu; Panangaden, Prakash
Showing results 33 to 52 of 96
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