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1977Engineering: Cornell Quarterly, Vol.12, No.3 (December 1977): Prospects for Fusion PowerSudan, Ravindra N.; Wharton, Charles B.; Kusse, Bruce R.; Nation, John A.; Fleischmann, Hans H.; Auer, Peter L.
1978Engineering: Cornell Quarterly, Vol.12, No.4 (December 1978): The New Submicron FacilityBallantyne, Joseph M.; Frey, Jeffrey; Buhrman, Robert A.; Batterman, Boris W.; Lee, Charles A.; Rhodin, Thor N.
1978Engineering: Cornell Quarterly, Vol.13, No.1 (July 1978): Operations Research Comes of AgeNemhauser, George L.; Schultz, Andrew, Jr.; Muckstadt, John A.; Schruben, Lee W.; Lucas, William F.
1978Engineering: Cornell Quarterly, Vol.13, No.2 (October 1978): Probing Our Atmosphere and BeyondGordon, William E.; Farley, Donald T.; Kelley, Michael C.; Drake, Frank D.
1978Engineering: Cornell Quarterly, Vol.13, No.3 (December 1978): Planets and their SatellitesBurns, Joseph A.; Veverka, Joseph; Thomas, Peter; Bloom, Arthur L.; Turcotte, Donald L.; Kuckes, Arthur F.
1979Engineering: Cornell Quarterly, Vol.13, No.4 (April 1979): Building on the Surfaces of the EarthSchiffman, Robert L.; Kulhawy, Fred H.; Sangrey, Dwight A.; Goodman, Richard E.; Ingraffea, Anthony R.; Irwin, Lynne H.; O'Rourke, Thomas D.
1979Engineering: Cornell Quarterly, Vol.14, No.1 (Summer 1979): Materials at Ultrahigh PressuresRuoff, Arthur L.; Bassett, William A.; Kohlstedt, David L.; Everhart, Thomas E.
1979Engineering: Cornell Quarterly, Vol.14, No.2 (Autumn 1979): A Long Look at Mechanical EngineeringBerth, Donald F.; Shepherd, Dennis; Conta, Bart
1979Engineering: Cornell Quarterly, Vol.14, No.3 (Winter 1979-80): Control of Dynamic SystemsThorp, James S.; Kim, Myunghwan; Shoemaker, Christine A.; Stedinger, Jery R.; Phelan, Richard M.
1980Engineering: Cornell Quarterly, Vol.15, No.1 (Summer 1980): Noise: the Fourth PollutantLoucks, Daniel P.; George, A. R.; Baker, L. Dale
1980Engineering: Cornell Quarterly, Vol.15, No.2 (Autumn 1980): Pioneering in ConcreteBillington, David P.; White,Richard N.; Nilson, Arthur H.; Abel, John F.; Gergely, Peter; Slate, Floyd O.; Lynn, Walter R.
1980Engineering: Cornell Quarterly, Vol.15, No.3 (Winter 1980-81): The Molecular Level in Engineering ResearchCalado, Jorge C. G.; Gubbins, Keith; Streett, William B.; Cohen, Claude; Berth, Donald F.
1981Engineering: Cornell Quarterly, Vol.15, No.4 (Spring 1981): Social Issues and the EngineerSeznec, Alain; Lynn, Walter R.; Brown, Stuart M.; Orloff, Neil; Lee, Alfred M.; Meyburg, Arnim H.
1981Engineering: Cornell Quarterly, Vol.16, No.1 (Summer 1981): The Demographic FactorBlumstein, Alfred; Lucas, William F.; Housman, David; Burton, Malcolm S.
1981Engineering: Cornell Quarterly, Vol.16, No.2 (Autumn 1981): Macro Pictures with Micro Detail-
1981Engineering: Cornell Quarterly, Vol.16, No.3 (Winter 1981-82): The Advance of Computer GraphicsGreenberg, Donald P.; Abel, John F.; Ingraffea, Anthony R.; McGuire, William; Dill, John C.; Loucks, Daniel P.; French, Peter N.; Taylor, Marshall R.
1982Engineering: Cornell Quarterly, Vol.16, No.4 (Spring 1982): Thinking Big About Our Energy FutureCorson, Dale R.; Linke, Simpson; Kulhawy, Fred H.; Auer, Peter
1982Engineering: Cornell Quarterly, Vol.17, No.1 (Summer 1982): Thinking Big About Our Energy FutureThomas, Robert J.; Cohen, Robert; Jirka, Gerhard H.; Jewell, William J.
1982Engineering: Cornell Quarterly, Vol.17, No.2 (Autumn 1982): Productivity and EngineeringSchultz, Andrew, Jr.; Maxwell, William L.; Muckstadt, John A.; Schruben, Lee
1982Engineering: Cornell Quarterly, Vol.17, No.3 (Winter 1982-83): New Directions in Manufacturing EngineeringWang, K. K.; Dawson, Paul R.; Bradt, L. Jack
Showing results 21 to 40 of 71
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