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1986Engineering: Cornell Quarterly, Vol.20, No.5 (Summer 1986): The High-Energy Synchrotron Source-
1986Engineering: Cornell Quarterly, Vol.21, No.1 (Autumn 1986): Looking Toward the EastFrey, Jeffrey; Tang, Chung; Kim, Myungwhan; Thomas, L. Joseph; White, Richard N.
1986Engineering: Cornell Quarterly, Vol.21, No.2 (Winter 1986-87): Keeping on Top of Undergraduate EducationStrausser, Michael W.; Strausser, Pamela G.
1987Engineering: Cornell Quarterly, Vol.21, No.3 (Spring 1987): Research in Earthquake EngineeringGergely, Peter; O'Rourke, Thomas D.; Grigoriu, Mircea D.; White, Richard N.; Abel, John F.; McGuire, William; Stewart, Harry E
1987Engineering: Cornell Quarterly, Vol.21, No.4 (Summer 1987): Projects and Prospects for M.Eng. StudentsCady, K. Bingham
1987Engineering: Cornell Quarterly, Vol.22, No.2 (Winter 1987-88): Pioneering in Plasma StudiesLovelace, Richard V. E.; Wharton, Charles B.; Fleischmann, Hans H.; Kusse, Bruce R.
1988Engineering: Cornell Quarterly, Vol.22, No.3 (Spring 1988): Nanofabrication: Where Smaller is BetterWolf, Edward D.; Tiberio, Richard C.; Phillips, James R.; Mayer, James W.; Ast, Dieter G.; Shealy, J. Richard; Tasker, Paul J.; Eastman, Lester F.; Hoch, Harvey C.; Staples, Richard C.
1988Engineering: Cornell Quarterly, Vol.22, No.4 (Summer 1988): The Chemical Engineering School: 50 Years Old and Going StrongSmith, Julian C.; Gubbins, Keith E.; Scheele, George F.; Anton, Brad; Gubbins, Keith E.; Panagiotopoulos, Athanassios Z.; Cohen, Claude; Koch, Donald L.; Shuler, Michael L.
1988Engineering: Cornell Quarterly, Vol.23, No.1 (Autumn 1988): A New Thrust in Electronics ResearchShealy, J. Richard; Krusius, J. Peter; Al-Omar, Abdul-Azeez; Weinzierl, Steven R.; Luk, Franklin T.; Schimmel, David E.; Torng, H. C.; Tang, C. L.; Bilardi, Gianfranco; Pollock, Clifford R.
1989Engineering: Cornell Quarterly, Vol.23, No.2 (Winter 1989): A New Era of Ceramic MaterialsRuoff, Arthur L.; Raj, Rishi; Giannelis, Emmanuel P.; Johnson, Herbert H.; Dieckmann, Rudiger; Kohlstedt, David L.; Burlitch, James M.; Carter, C. Barry; Susnitzky, David W.
1989Engineering: Cornell Quarterly, Vol.23, No.3 (Spring 1989): Computer Graphics in the Education of EngineersPottle, Christopher; Mink, Kate; Goldbaum, Sari Lynn
1989Engineering: Cornell Quarterly, Vol.23, No.4 (Summer 1989): Machines that LearnSachse, Wolfgang; Segre, Alberto Maria; Subramanian, Devika
1989Engineering: Cornell Quarterly, Vol.24, No.1 (Autumn 1989): Engineering in ContextStreett, William B.; Prausnitz, J. M.; Mayer, James W.; Calado, Jorge C. G.; Lewenstein, Bruce V.; Kline, Ronald
1990Engineering: Cornell Quarterly, Vol.24, No.2 (Winter 1990): The Promise of SuperconductivityBuhrman, Robert A.; Moon, Francis C.; Raj, Rishi; Padamsee, Hasan; Krusius, J. Peter; Compton, Richard C.
1990Engineering: Cornell Quarterly, Vol.24, No.3 (Spring 1990): Special Programs for UndergraduatesBeebe, Penny
1990Engineering: Cornell Quarterly, Vol.24, No.4 (Summer 1990): Dealing with WasteSchuler, Richard E.; Harrison, Ellen Z.; Raymond, Lyle S., Jr.; Gouldin, Frederick C.; Ditz, Daryl W.; Martin, John H., Jr.; Harrison, Ellen Z.
1990Engineering: Cornell Quarterly, Vol.25, No.1 (Autumn 1990): Water in the GroundHaith, Douglas A.; Steenhuis, Tammo S.; Parlange, J.-Yves; Kung, K.-J. Samuel; Cathles, Lawrence M., III; Richard, Tom; Jewell, William J.
1991Engineering: Cornell Quarterly, Vol.25, No.2/3 (Spring 1991): Supercomputing in Engineering ResearchBurns, Joseph A.; Kolvoord, Robert A.; Sudan, Ravi; Longcope, Dana; Brown, Larry D.; Bartel, Donald L.; Gubbins, Keith E.; Walsh, Walsh; Shuler, Michael L.; Silcox, John; Pope, Stephen B.
1991Engineering: Cornell Quarterly, Vol.25, No.4 (Summer 1991): Silver Anniversary Edition-
1991Engineering: Cornell Quarterly, Vol.26, No.1 (Autumn 1991): The Materials Science Center: Cornell's Premier Interdisciplinary LaboratorySilcox, John; Desch, Noel; Dieckmann, Rudiger; Geray, Roland; Pollock, Clifford; Kramer, Edward J.; Sethna, James P.; Lee, Jean
Showing results 52 to 71 of 71
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