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2004Seismic event location using the Eastern Turkey Seismic Network: Analysis of the Agri Dam explosionGurbuz, C.; Turkelli, N.; Bekler, T.; Gok, R.; Sandvol, E.; Seber, D.; Barazangi, M.
2003Seismogenic zones in eastern TurkeyTurkelli, N.; Sandvol, E.; Zor, E.; Gok, R.; Bekler, T.; Al-Lazki, A.; Karabulut, H.; Kuleli, S.; Eken, T.; Gurbuz, C.; Bayraktutan, S.; Seber, D.; Barazangi, M.
2003Shear wave splitting in a young continent-continent collision: An example from eastern TurkeySandvol, E.; Turkelli, N.; Zor, E.; Gok, R.; Bekler, T.; Gurbuz, C.; Seber, D.; Barazangi, M.
2003Sn attenuation in the Anatolian and Iranian plateau and surrounding regionsGok, R.; Sandvol, E.; Turkelli, N.; Seber, D.; Barazangi, M.
1993Sn to Sg conversion and focusing along the Atlantic margin, Morocco: Implications for earthquake hazard evaluationSeber, D.; Barazangi, M.; Tadili, B.; Ramdani, M.; Ibenbrahim, A.; Ben Sari, D.; El Alami, S. O.
2006Structure and tectonic evolution of the Anatolian plateau in eastern TurkeyBarazangi, M.; Sandvol, E.; Seber, D.
1992Structure of the intracontinental Palmyride mountain belt in Syria and its relationship to nearby Arabian plate boundariesBarazangi, M.; Seber, D.; Al-Saad, D.; Sawaf, T.
1997Summary of the geological evolution of Syria through geophysical interpretation: Implications for hydrocarbon explorationBrew, G.; Litak, R.; Seber, D.; Barazangi, M.; Sawaf, T.; Zaza, T.
1993Tectonic evolution of the northern Arabian plate in western SyriaBarazangi, M.; Seber, D.; Chaimov, T.; Best, J.; Litak, R.; Al-Saad, D.; Sawaf, T.
1996Three-dimensional upper mantle structure beneath the intraplate Atlas and interplate Rif mountains of MoroccoSeber, D.; Barazangi, M.; Tadili, B.; Ramdani, M.; Ibenbrahim, A.; Ben Sari, D.
2001Tomographic imaging of Lg and Sn Propagation in the Middle EastSandvol, E.; Al-Damegh, K.; Calvert, A.; Seber, D.; Barazangi, M.; Mohamad, R.; Gok, R.; Turkelli, N.; Gurbuz, C.
2003Tomographic Pn velocity and anisotropy structure beneath the Anatolian plateau (eastern Turkey) and the surrounding regionsAl-Lazki, A.; Seber, D.; Sandvol, E.; Turkelli, N.; Mohamad, R.; Barazangi, M.
1993Upper crustal velocity structure and basement morphology beneath the intracontinental Palmyride fold-thrust belt and north Arabian platform in SyriaSeber, D.; Barazangi, M.; Chaimov, T.; Al-Saad, D.; Sawaf, T.; Khaddour, M.
Showing results 18 to 30 of 30
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