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May-2012A5. Identifying Susceptible Areas for Gully Erosion Using a Geospatial AnalysisTebebu, Tigist Y; DeGloria, Stephen D.; Steenhuis, Tammo S
May-2012B5. Determining Waste Load Allocations for Water Bodies by Coupling an In-Stream Macroinvertebrate Model with SWATGarland, Casey A; Gladding, Steven M; Duffy, Brian T; Steenhuis, Tammo S
May-2012C3. Wildfire Effects on Spatio-temporal Soil Moisture Dynamics in the Portuguese Schist RegionStoof, Cathelijne R; Slingerland, Erik C; Mol, Wouter; van den Berg, Jonathan; Ferreira, Antonio JD; Ritsema, Coen J; Steenhuis, Tammo S
20-Aug-2012Can Soil Test Phosphorus Track Phosphorus Changes For Water Quality Management?Pacenka, Steven
31-Jan-2011Computational Fluid Flow And Transport Of Colloidal Particles In Soil PoresCakmak, Mehmet
28-Jan-2013Dynamic Contact Angles And Wetting Front Instability In SoilsBaver, Christine
20-Aug-2012Evaluating Best Management Practices For Minimized Pesticides Transport With The Wepp-Ui ModelSaia, Sheila
31-Jan-2011Facilitated Transport Of Groundwater Contaminants In The Vadose Zone: Colloids And Preferential Flow PathsMorales, Veronica
27-Jan-2014Future Water Table Levels Under Intensification Of Rice Cultivation In A Monsoon ClimateTHEKKEMEPPILLY SIVAKUMAR, INDU
31-Jan-2012Hydrology, Hydrochemistry And Implications For Water Supply Of A Cloud Forest In Central AmericaCaballero, Luis
27-Jan-2014Impacts Of Acid Concentration, Contact Time, Temperature And Surfactant On The Activities Of Different Short-Chain & Medium-Chain Fatty Acids On Ascaris Suum Eggs In Soil And WaterIslam, Nuzhat
31-Jan-2011Improved Understanding Of Subsurface Hydrology In Variable Source Areas And Its Implications For Water QualityDahlke, Helen
26-May-2013A Multi-Disciplinary Laboratory And Field Study In Drinking Water Quality: A Novel Technique For Assessing Suspended Solids Concentrations In The Floc Blanket, Analysis Of Floc Blanket Dynamics, And A Field Study Of Sources Of Waterborne Disease Transmission In The Ethiopian HighlandsHurst, Matthew
20-Aug-2012Observations And Modeling Of Erosion From Spatially And Temporally Distributed Sources In The (Semi) Humid Ethiopian HighlandsTilahun, Seifu
31-Jan-2012Perspectives, Problems, And Pesticides: The Discrepancies Between Institutional And Local Environmental Conservation Perspectives In Northern Thailand And The Implications For Natural Resource Management Model DevelopmentDunn, Rachel
28-Jan-2013Remote Sensing Tools For Land And Water Management In Data Scarce Blue Nile BasinAyana, Essayas Kaba
28-Jan-2013Simplifying Watershed ModelingFuka, Daniel
18-Aug-2014Spring-Thaw Nitrous Oxide Emissions From Reed Canarygrass On Wet Marginal Soil In New York StateMason, Cedric
28-Jan-2013A Study In Complexity Of Distributed Hydrology Models: Swat Versus A Parameter Efficient ModelGarland, Casey
31-Jan-2011Suspended Sediment Concentration And Discharge Relationships In The Ethiopian HighlandsGuzman, Christian
Showing results 1 to 20 of 21
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