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13-Feb-2014First principles study of the phonon dispersion and dielectric properties of wurtzite InP: Role of In 4d electronsMukhopadhyay, Saikat; Stewart, Derek
7-Dec-2007Intrinsic lattice thermal conductivity of semiconductors from first principlesBroido, David; Malorny, Michael; Birner, Gerd; Mingo, Natalio; Stewart, Derek
21-Mar-2007Magnetism in Coaxial Palladium NanowiresStewart, Derek
5-Jun-2006Muffin Tins, Green's Functions, and more!Stewart, Derek
13-Oct-2008Phonon Transport in Isotope-Disordered Carbon and Boron-Nitride Nanotubes: Is Localization Observable?Savic, Ivana; Mingo, Natalio; Stewart, Derek
7-Jul-2014Polar Effects on the Thermal Conductivity of Cubic Boron Nitride under PressureMukhopadhyay, Saikat; Stewart, Derek
30-Aug-2006Properties of short channel ballistic carbon nanotube transistors with ohmic contactsLeonard, Francois; Stewart, Derek
9-Sep-2011Role of light and heavy embedded nanoparticles on the thermal conductivity of SiGe alloysKundu, Anupam; Mingo, Natalio; Broido, David; Stewart, Derek
29-Dec-2008Thermal conduction mechanisms in boron nitride nanotubes: Few-shell versus all-shell conductionSavic, Ivana; Stewart, Derek; Mingo, Natalio
29-Nov-2012Thermal conductivity of bulk and nanowire Mg2Si_{x}Sn_{1-x} alloys from first principlesLi, Wu; Lindsay, Lucas; David, Broido; Stewart, Derek; Mingo, Natalio
17-May-2012Thermal conductivity of diamond nanowires from first principlesLi, Wu; Mingo, Natalio; Lindsay, Lucas; Broido, David; Stewart, Derek; Katcho, Nebil
19-May-2011Thermal conductivity of indium arsenide nanowires with wurtzite and zinc blende phasesZhou, Feng; Moore, Arden; Bolinsson, Jessica; Persson, Ann; Froberg, Linus; Pettes, Michael; Kong, Huijun; Rabenberg, Lew; Caroff, Philippe; Stewart, Derek; Mingo, Natalio; Dick, Kimberly; Samuelson, Lars; Linke, Heiner; Shi, Li
23-Nov-2010Ultrafast thermoelectric properties of gold under conditions of strong electron-phonon nonequilibriumHopkins, Patrick; Bauer, Matthew; Duda, John; Smoyer, Justin; English, Timothy; Norris, Pamela; Beechem, Thomas; Stewart, Derek
Showing results 8 to 20 of 20
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