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Dec-1974Chebyshev Type Lower Bounds for the Probability of Correct Selection, I: The Location Problem with One Observation from each of Two PopulationsBechhofer, R.; Turnbull, B.
Mar-1989Detection of Associations Between Diseases in Animal Carcinogenicity ExperimentsMitchell, T.; Turnbull, B.
Jan-1997Distribution Theory of Group Sequential t, x^2, and F Tests for General Linear Mixed ModelsJennison, C.; Turnbull, B.
Oct-2004Efficient group sequential designs when there are several effect sizes under considerationJennison, C.; Turnbull, B.
Jul-1976The Empirical Distribution Function with Arbitrarily Grouped, Censored and Truncated DataTurnbull, B.; Bechhofer, R.
Jan-1990Exact Calculations for Sequential t, x^2, and F TestsJennison, C.; Turnbull, B.
Oct-1988Group Sequential tests and Repeated Confidence IntervalsJennison, C.; Turnbull, B.
Feb-1991Group sequential tests for bivariate response: interim analyses of clinical trials with both efficacy and safety endpointsTurnbull, B.; Jennison, C.
Aug-2000Group sequential tests with outcome-dependent treatment assignmentJennison, C.; Turnbull, B.
May-2003The Indirect Method - Robust Inference Based on Intermediate StatisticsJiang, W.; Turnbull, B.
May-1988Interim Analysis: The Repeated Confidence Interval ApproachJennison, C.; Turnbull, B.
Dec-1974A (k+1)-decision Single-Stage Selection Procedure for Comparing k Normal Means with a Fixed Known Standard: The Case of Common Known VarianceBechhofer, R.; Turnbull, B.
May-1975A (k+1)-decision Single-Stage Selection Procedure for Comparing k Normal Means with a Fixed Known Standard: The Case of Common Unknown VarianceBechhofer, R.; Turnbull, B.
Mar-2002Likelihood inference for exchangeable binary data with varying cluster sizesStefanescu, C.; Turnbull, B.
Aug-1976A Likelihood Ration Statistic for Testing Goodness of Fit with Randomly Censored DataTurnbull, B.; Weiss, L.
Oct-2004Meta-analyses and adaptive group sequential designs in the clinical development processJennison, C.; Turnbull, B.
Mar-2002Mid-course sample size modification in clinical trialsJennison, C.; Turnbull, B.
Jun-1975Multiple Decision Rules for Comparing Several Populations with a Fixed Known StandardTurnbull, B.
Jul-2006Nonparametric Estimation of ROC Curves Based on Bayesian Models When the True Disease State is UnknownWang, C.; Turnbull, B.; Grohn, Y.; Nielsen, S.
Aug-1993A Note on the Local Asymptotically Minimax Rate for Estimating a Crossing Point in a Diagnostic Marker ProblemHsieh, F.; Turnbull, B.
Showing results 5 to 24 of 34
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