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May-1976An Application of Majorization to the Problem of Selecting the Largest Interaction in a Two-Factor ExperimentBechhofer, R.; Santner, T.; Turnbull, B.
Dec-1974Chebyshev Type Lower Bounds for the Probability of Correct Selection, I: The Location Problem with One Observation from each of Two PopulationsBechhofer, R.; Turnbull, B.
Jan-1984Closed Sequential Procedures for Selecting the Multinomial Events which Have the Largest ProbabilitiesBechhofer, R.; Kulkarni, R.
Feb-1990A comparison of the performances of procedures for selecting the normal population having the largest mean when the populations have a common unknown varianceBechhofer, R.; Dunnett, C. W.; Goldsman, D. M.; Hartmann, M.
May-1988A Comparison of the Performances of Procedures for Selecting the Normal Population Having the Largest Mean when the Variances are Known and EqualBechhofer, R.; Goldsman, D.
May-1988A Curtailed Sequential Procedure for Subset Selection of Multinomial CellsBechhofer, R.; Chen, P.
Dec-1988Designing Experiments for Selecting the Largest Normal Mean when the Variances are Known and Unequal: Optimal Sample Size AllocationBechhofer, R.; Hayter, A.; Tamhane, A.
Feb-1988Discussion of a Paper in Statistical Science by A.S. Hetadat, M. Jacroux and D. MayumdurBechhofer, R.; Tamhane, A.
Jul-1976The Empirical Distribution Function with Arbitrarily Grouped, Censored and Truncated DataTurnbull, B.; Bechhofer, R.
Dec-1974A (k+1)-decision Single-Stage Selection Procedure for Comparing k Normal Means with a Fixed Known Standard: The Case of Common Known VarianceBechhofer, R.; Turnbull, B.
May-1975A (k+1)-decision Single-Stage Selection Procedure for Comparing k Normal Means with a Fixed Known Standard: The Case of Common Unknown VarianceBechhofer, R.; Turnbull, B.
Nov-1984On the Ramey-Alam Sequential Procedure for Selecting the Multinomial Event which has the Largest ProbabilityBechhofer, R.; Goldsman, D.
Jun-1987Optimal Allocation of Observations in Subset Selection and Multiple Comparisons with a Control, and Associated Tables (With Application to Drug Screening)Bechhofer, R.; Dunnett, C.; Tamhane, A.
May-1971Optimal Allocation of Observations when Comparing Several Treatments with a Control, III: Globally Best One-Sided Intervals for Unequal VariancesBechhofer, R.; Turnbull, B.
Feb-1984An Optimal Sequential Procedure for Selecting the Best Bernoulli ProcessBechhofer, R.
Jun-1986Percentage Points of Multivariate Student t DistributionsBechhofer, R.; Dunnett, C.
Jul-1986Sequential Selection Procedures for Multi-factor Experiments Involving Koopman-Darmois Populations with AdditivityBechhofer, R.; Goldsman, D.
Jul-1988A Single-Stage Selection Procedure for Multi-Factor Multinomial Experiments with MultiplicativityBechhofer, R.; Goldsman, D.; Jennison, C.
May-1991Study of the performance of a generalized Paulson sequential selection procedure for two-factor experiments involving normal populations with common known variance and no factor-level interactionBechhofer, R.; Goldsman, D.; Hartmann, M.
Nov-1986Subset Selection for Normal Means in Multi-Factor ExperimentsBechhofer, R.; Dunnett, C.
Showing results 1 to 20 of 29
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