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Apr-1990Approaches to Global Text AnalysisSalton, Gerard; Buckley, Chris
Mar-1993Approaches to Passage Retrieval in Full Text Information SystemsSalton, Gerard; Allan, James; Buckley, Chris
Jan-1990Approaches to Text Retreival for Structured DocumentsSalton, Gerard; Buckley, Chris
Oct-1982Automatic Query Formulations in Information RetrievalSalton, Gerard; Buckley, Chris; Fox, Edward A.
Jun-1992Automatic Structuring and Retrieval of Large Text FilesSalton, Gerard; Allan, James; Buckley, Chris
Oct-1991Automatic Structuring of Text FilesSalton, Gerard; Buckley, Chris; Allan, James
Nov-1995Automatic Text Decomposition Using Text Segments and Text ThemesSalton, Gerard; Singhal, Amit; Buckley, Chris; Mitra, Mandar
Apr-1991Automatic Text Structuring and Retrieval- Experiments in Automatic Encyclopedia SearchingSalton, Gerard; Buckley, Chris
Jan-1983Boolean Query Formulation with Relevance FeedbackSalton, Gerard; Fox, Edward A.; Buckley, Chris; Voorhees, Ellen M.
Jul-1989A Comparison Between Statistically and Sytactically Generated Term PhrasesSalton, Gerard; Buckley, Chris
Jul-1995Document Length NormalizationSinghal, Amit; Salton, Gerard; Mitra, Mandar; Buckley, Chris
Jun-1990An Evaluation of Text Matching Systems for Text Excerpts of Varying ScopeSalton, Gerard; Buckley, Chris
Sep-1990Flexible Text Matching for Information RetrievalSalton, Gerard; Buckley, Chris
Apr-1989Formalization and Evaluation of Linear Relevance FeedbackWong, S. K. M.; Yao, Y. Y.; Salton, Gerard; Buckley, Chris
Feb-1983A Generalized Term Dependence Model in Information RetrievalYu, C. T.; Buckley, Chris; Lam, K.; Salton, Gerard
May-1985Implementation of the SMART Information Retrieval SystemBuckley, Chris
Feb-1988Improving Retrieval Performance by Relevance FeedbackSalton, Gerard; Buckley, Chris
Apr-1995Length Normalization in Degraded Text CollectionsSinghal, Amit; Salton, Gerard; Buckley, Chris
Oct-1990A Note on Term Weighting and Text MatchingSalton, Gerard; Buckley, Chris
Apr-1989On the Automatic Generation of Content Links in HypertextSalton, Gerard; Buckley, Chris
Showing results 1 to 20 of 27
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