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16-Dec-2008Approximate Matching for Peer-to-Peer Overlays with CubitWong, Bernard; Slivkins, Alex; Sirer, Emin Gun
19-May-2008Approximate Matching for Peer-to-Peer Overlays with CubitWong, Bernard; Slivkins, Aleksandrs; Sirer, Emin Gun
8-Oct-2001Automatic Code Placement Alternatives for Ad-Hoc And Sensor NetworksSirer, Emin Gun; Barr, Rimon; Kim, T. W. Danny; Fung, Ian Yee Yan
18-Feb-2004Better than 1 Hop Lookup Performance with Proactive CachingRamasubramanian, Venugopalan; Sirer, Emin Gun
5-Jun-2012Commodifying Replicated State Machines with OpenReplicaAltinbuken, Deniz; Sirer, Emin Gun
29-Nov-2005Corona: A High Performance Publish-Subscribe System for the World Wide WebRamasubramanian, Venugopalan; Peterson, Ryan; Sirer, Emin Gun
7-Jun-2004Distributed Constraint-based Location Discovery in Ad hoc NetworksGuha, Saikat; Sirer, Emin Gun
12-Dec-2005Heuristics Considered Harmful or Using Mathematical Optimization for Resource Management in Distributed SystemsSirer, Emin Gun
1-May-2006Latency- and Bandwidth-Minimizing Optimal Failure DetectorsSo, Kelvin; Sirer, Emin Gun
4-Aug-2004A Lightweight Approach to Network PositioningWong, Bernard; Sirer, Emin Gun
20-Sep-2011Logical Attestation: An Authorization Architecture for Trustworthy ComputingSirer, Emin Gun; de Bruijn, William; Reynolds, Patrick; Shieh, Alan; Walsh, Kevin; Williams, Dan; Schneider, Fred
16-May-2005A Measurement Study of a Publish Subscribe SystemLiu, Hongzhou; Sirer, Emin Gun
4-Mar-2005Meridian: A Lightweight Framework for Network Positioning without Virtual CoordinatesWong, Bernard; Slivkins, Aleksandrs; Sirer, Emin Gun
15-May-2009NetQuery: A General-Purpose Channel for Reasoning about NetworkShieh, Alan; Kennedy, Oliver; Sirer, Emin Gun; Schneider, Fred
14-Sep-2009Nexus Authorization Logic (NAL): Design Rationale and ApplicationsSchneider, Fred B.; Walsh, Kevin; Sirer, Emin Gun
17-Jul-2006Octant: A Comprehensive Framework for the Geolocalization of Internet HostsWong, Bernard; Stoyanov, Ivan; Sirer, Emin Gun
19-Jul-2004Optimal Parameter Selection for Efficient Memory Integrity Verification Using Merkle Hash treesWilliams, Daniel; Sirer, Emin Gun
14-Nov-2005Optimal Resource Utilization in Content Distribution NetworksSong, Yee Jiun; Ramasubramanian, Venugopalan; Sirer, Emin Gun
16-Feb-2004Peer-to-Peer Authentication with a Distributed Single Sign-On ServiceJosephson, William; Sirer, Emin Gun; Schneider, Fred B.
16-May-2005Perils of Transitive Trust in the Domain Name SystemRamasubramanian, Venugopalan; Sirer, Emin Gun
Showing results 1 to 20 of 23
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