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Feb-1995Approximation Algorithms for Steiner and Directed MulticutsKlein, P.; Plotkin, S.; Rao, S.; Tardos, E.
Mar-1995Approximations for the Disjoint Paths Problem in High-Diameter Planar NetworksKleinberg, J.; Tardos, E.
Aug-1990Computational complexityShmoys, D. B.; Tardos, E.
Jun-1995Disjoint Paths in Densely Embedded GraphsKleinberg, J.; Tardos, E.
Aug-1996Efficient Continuous-Time Dynamic Network Flow AlgorithmsFleischer, L.; Tardos, E.
Feb-1992Fast approximation algorithms for fractional packing and covering problemsPlotkin, S. A.; Shmoys, D.; Tardos, E.
Feb-1995Fast Approximation Algorithms for Multicommodity Flow ProblemsLeighton, T.; Makedon, F.; Plotkin, S.; Stein, C.; Tardos, E.; Tragoudas, S.
Aug-1991Fast approximation algorithms for multicommodity flow problemsLeighton, T.; Makedon, F.; Plotkin, S.; Stein, C.; Tardos, E.; Tragoudas, S.
Feb-1991Faster approximation algorithms for the unit capacity concurrent flow problem with applications to routing and finding sparse cutsTardos, E.; Klein, P.; Plotkin, S.; Stein, C.
Sep-1990A faster parametric minimum cut algorithmGusfield, D.; Tardos, E.
Oct-1989Improved Approximation Algorithm for oncurrent Multi-Commodity FlowsTardos, E.
Feb-1995Improved approximation algorithms for network design problemsGoemans, M. X.; Goldberg, A. V.; Plotkin, S.; Shmoys, D. B.; Tardos, E.; Williamson, D. P.
Jan-1993Improved Bounds on the Max-flow Min-cut Ratio for Multicommodity FlowsPlotkin, S. A.; Tardos, E.
Sep-1989Network Flow AlgorithmGoldberg, A. V.; Tardos, E.; Tarjan, R.
Feb-1992Polynomial dual network simplex algorithmsTardos, E.; Orlin, J. B.; Plotkin, S.
Feb-1995Polynomial Time Algorithms for Some Evacuation ProblemsHoppe, B.; Tardos, E.
Feb-1995The Quickest Transshipment ProblemHoppe, B.; Tardos, E.
Mar-1992Scheduling unrelated parallel machines with costsTardos, E.; Shmoys, D.
Jan-1996Separating Maximally Violated Comb Inequalities in Planar GraphsFleischer, L.; Tardos, E.
Oct-1989Using Separation Algorithms in Fixed DimensionTardos, E.; Norton, C. H.; Plotkin, S. A.
Showing results 1 to 20 of 20


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