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Aug-1991Efficient Sequential and Parallel Algorithms for Maximal Bipartite SetsPearson, David; Vazirani, Vijay V.
Dec-1986NC Algorithms for Comparability Graphs, Interval Graphs, and Unique Perfect MatchingsKozen, Dexter; Vazirani, Umesh V.; Vazirani, Vijay V.
Aug-1987NC Algorithms for Computing the Number of Perfect Matchings in $K_{3,3}$-free Graphs and Related ProblemsVazirani, Vijay V.
Jul-1990On-line Algorithms for Weighted Matching and Stable MarriagesKhuller, Samir; Mitchell, Stephen G.; Vazirani, Vijay V.
Nov-1987Pfaffian Orientations, 0/1 Permanents, and Even Cycles in Directed GraphsVazirani, Vijay V.; Yannakakis, Mihali
Dec-1989Planar Graph Coloring is Not Self-Reducible Assuming $P \neq NP$Khuller, Samir; Vazirani, Vijay V.
Apr-1989Processor Efficient Parallel Algorithms for the Two Disjoint Paths Problem, and for Finding a Kuratowski HomeomorphKhuller, Samir; Mitchell, Stephen G.; Vazirani, Vijay V.
Dec-1988Random Polynomial Time is Equal to Semi-Random Polynomial TimeVazirani, Umesh V.; Vazirani, Vijay V.
Sep-1989A Theory of Alternating Paths and Blossoms for Proving Correctness of the $O(\sqrt{VE})$ General Graph Matching AlgorithmVazirani, Vijay V.
May-1989The Two-Processor Scheduling Problem is in Random NCVazirani, Umesh V.; Vazirani, Vijay V.
Showing results 1 to 10 of 10


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