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30-Jun-2009Epistemics with AttitudeAnand, Pranav; Hacquard, Valentine
4-Sep-2001The epistemological status of moral claims, CS Lewis The Abolition of Man, human dominance over nature; Thomas MertonBaer, Richard
18-Dec-2008The Epistemology and Evaluation of Experience-focused HCIKaye, Joseph
6-Sep-2001Epistemology (discussion): radical doubt, "knowledge equals certainty", warrantable assertions, examples: gratuitous harm and truth-telling, difference between hard and social sciences, experimental method, literature as thought-experiment, learning by mistakes (eg. no-fault divorce), unprovable assumptions of scienceBaer, Richard
25-Sep-2001Epistemology, Gordon Kaufman, Ian Barbour, Carl Sagan, the Genesis account from the Bible, H. and H.A. Frankfort Before Philosophy, personalized nature, myths, an example of a scientific mythBaer, Richard
19-May-2006Epitaxial Multiferroic Thin Film Heterostructure of (SrTiO3/NiO)n/MgO For Use as a Future Negative Index MaterialKirby, Steven Daniel
25-Jan-2006Epitaxis in a white German Shepherd dogOberle, Kathryn
27-Apr-2005Epitheliotropic lymphoma in a Golden RetrieverWolf, Melissa (Melissa S.)
2-Feb-2005Epizootic lymphangitis in an Ethiopian horseSzonyi, Barbara
Apr-1987EpochsSolworth, Jon A.
Aug-1985An Epxerimental Procedure for Simulation Response Surface Model IdentificationSchruben, L.; Cogliano, V.
Jun-1989Equality of Terms Containing Associative-Commutative Functions and Commutative Binding Operators is Isomorphism CompleteBasin, David A.
26-May-2013Equal Opportunity And Self-RespectBaltazar, Vincent
Sep-1994Equational Propositional LogicGries, David; Schneider, Fred B.
24-Oct-2002Equational Verification of Cache Blocking in LU Decomposition using Kleene Algebra with TestsBarth, Adam; Kozen, Dexter
28-Jun-2006The Equatorial Electrojet: Radar Observations and ModelingShume, Esayas
31-Jan-2011Equilibrium And Stability In Vortex And Wave FlowsLuzzatto Fegiz, Paolo
2000The Equilibrium in Islamic Education in the USBarazangi, Nimat Hafez
1998The Equilibrium: Issues of Islamic Education in the United StatesBarazangi, Nimat Hafez
20-Oct-2010Equilibrium Market Prices Of Risks And Risk Aversion In A Complete Stochastic Volatility Model With Habit Formation: Empirical Risk Aversion From S&P 500 Index OptionsHan, Qian
Showing results 17446 to 17465 of 33198
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