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20-Oct-2010Identification And Characterization Of Mir-34: A P53Regulated Microrna FamilyCorney, David
31-May-2011Identification And Characterization Of Nutrient Transporters In Mycobacterium SmegmatisSho, Michiei
17-Nov-2008Identification and Characterization of Specialized Antigen Presenting Cells in Rainbow TroutBassity, Elizabeth
18-Aug-2014Identification And Characterization Of The Major Gene Ma And Its Associated Co-Expression Gene Networks Regulating Apple Fruit AcidityBai, Yang
14-Aug-2010Identification and Culture of Primordial Germ Cells and Somatic Cells from Undifferentiated Embryonic Chick Gonads and Formation of Presumptive Embryoid Body PrecursorsChan, Adrienne
25-May-2014Identification And Estimation Of Network Formation ModelsKim, Jun Sung
27-Jan-2014Identification And Structural Characterization Of A Legionella Phosphoinositide PhosphataseToulabi, Leila
31-Jan-2011Identification And Structure-Function Analyses Of Bacterial C-Di-Gmp ReceptorsKrasteva, Petya
27-May-2012Identification Of A Novel, Rapid Mechanism To Alleviate The Nucleosome Barrier To TranscriptionPetesch, Steven
26-May-2013Identification Of Critical Parameters For The Microbiological Safety And Stability Of Select Acidified FoodsSullivan, Elizabeth
19-Aug-2009Identification Of Dragon, A Novel Member Of The Sma/Mab Tgf Beta Signaling Pathway In Caenorhabditis ElegansSen, Debjeet
31-Aug-2011Identification Of Heavy Metal TransportersZhai, Zhiyang
Dec-2004Identification of Key Odour Components in Pig House Air using Hyphenated Gas Chromatography OlfactometryKai, P.; Schafer, A.
29-Aug-2014Identification of Major Histocompatibility Complex Haplotypes in Icelandic HorsesViolette, Nathaniel P.
26-Jan-2015Identification Of Novel Self-Lethality Phenotype Of Class Iia Bacteriocin-Producer Enterococcus Mundtii Cugf08 And Genomic Comparisons Of Closely Related StrainsGuron, Giselle Kristi
Jun-2003Identification Of Patterns of Farm Equipment Utilization in Two Agricultural Regions of Central and Northern MexicoAndrade, P.; Jenkins, J.
27-Jan-2014Identification Of Peptidylarginine Deiminase-2 (Padi2) As A Potential Oncogene And Therapeutic TargetMcElwee, John
14-Aug-2010Identification of Possible Virulence Factors in the Broad-spectrum Pathogen Serratia marcescensLaHue, Gabriel
25-Sep-2013Identification of the optimal biologic to enhance endogenous stem cell recruitmentWilson, Brooke H.; Mendelson, Avital; Mao, Jeremy J.; Fortier, Lisa A.
Showing results 20590 to 20609 of 32945
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