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2-Aug-2005Infants' Perception of Musical Rhythm and Meter: Early Abilities and Developmental ChangeHannon, Erin E
8-Feb-2006Infarctive purpura hemorrhagica in a Thoroughbred mareRomeo, Katelyn
Nov-1995An Infeasible-Interior-Point Potential-Reduction Algorithm for Linear ProgrammingTutuncu, R.
Aug-1992Infeasible-Interior-Point Primal-Dual Potential-Reduction Algorithms for Linear ProgrammingMizuno, S.; Kojima, M.; Todd, M. J.
Apr-1996Infeasible-Start Primal-Dual Methods and Infeasibility Detectors for Nonlinear Programming ProblemsYu.E. Nesterov; Todd, M. J.; Ye, Y.
1-Sep-2004Infection and diagnosis of Chlamydophila psittaci in a green-winged MacawLong, C. Tyler
20-Aug-2012Infection Dynamics In A Host-Pathogen System: House Finches (Carpodacus Mexicanus) And Mycoplasma GallisepticumStates, Sarah
31-Jan-2012Infectious Disease Ecology: Immune-Pathogen Dynamics, And How Trophic Interactions Drive Prey-Predator-Disease DynamicsHurtado, Paul
Dec-1986Inference from Censored Markov Chains with Applications to Multiwave Panel DataPhelan, M.
3-Jul-2008Inference of the Demographic History of the Domestic Dog (Canis lupus familiaris)Granka, Julie
2015Inference on mode preferences, vehicle purchases, and the energy paradox using a Bayesian structural choice modelRicardo, Daziano
25-May-2014Inference, Thought Experiments, And PhysicalismMahaffey, Stephen
28-Feb-2008Inferior Point Methods for OptimizationNemirovski, Arkadi S.; Todd, Michael
1-Jan-2004In-Field Quantification of Fan Performance in Tunnel-Ventilation Freestall BarnsLankering, Katherine; Gooch, Curt; Inglis, Scott
10-Oct-2007Infiltrative adrenal tumor into the caudal vena cava : diagnostics and treatment optionsSweetman, Anna
1-Jul-2013Infinitary Axiomatization of the Equational Theory of Context-Free LanguagesGrathwohl, Niels Bjørn Bugge; Henglein, Fritz; Kozen, Dexter
Mar-1986Infinite Objects in Type TheoryMendler, N. P.; Panangaden, Prakash; Constable, Robert L.
31-Aug-2011Infinitesimal Operator Based Methods For Continuous-Time Finance ModelsSong, Zhaogang
30-Jun-2009Infinitivals With too: Degree Operator Scope and Parasitic GapsNissenbaum, Jon; Schwarz, Bernhard
20-Aug-2012Inflamed Leukocyte-Mimetic Nanoparticle And Its Applications In Quantitative Inflammation ImagingChen, Xiaoyue
Showing results 20646 to 20665 of 32363
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