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11-Dec-2002Intra-abdominal abscess causing jejunal obstruction in a mareHutten, Erica
1996Intracontinental rifting and inversion: Missour Basin and Atlas Mountains, MoroccoBeauchamp, W.; Barazangi, M.; Demnati, A.; El Alji, M.
16-Feb-2011Intracranial arachnoid cyst and hydrocephalus in a Miniature SchnauzerPiscoya, Sindy
6-May-2009Intracranial meningioma in a nine year old domestic shorthaired catNyboer, Megan
2009Intragenerational Inequality and Intertemporal MobilityBurkhauser, Richard
5-Aug-2010Intragenic Virus Resistance In PotatoCavatorta, Jason
12-Sep-2012Intrahepatic portosystemic shunt in a mixed breed dogBruno, Jasmine
18-Aug-2014Intralocus Sexual Conflict As Indicated By Mate Choice In The Zebra Finch (Taeniopygia Guttata)Kirihata, Wakana
19-Nov-2003Intraluminal tracheal stent placement as treatment for collapsing trachea in a dogAtlas, Daniel
12-Mar-2008Intramuscular hemangiosarcoma in a horseHopper, Jaime
29-Feb-2012Intraparenchymal brainstem cyst in a seven year old mixed breed dogAndrijevic, Amanda Stockwell
17-Mar-2004Intrapericardial cyst in a Weimaraner puppyMiner, Scott R.
1995The intraplate Euphrates fault system - Palmyrides mountain belt junction and relationship to Arabian plate boundary tectonicsAlsdorf, D.; Barazangi, M.; Litak, R.; Seber, D.; Sawaf, T.; Al-Saad, D.
15-Feb-2012Intravascular lymphoma in a Labrador RetrieverLoftus, John P.
18-Feb-2009Intravenous treatment of septicemia secondary to Salmonella Group B in a 3-month-old Yorkshire pigletRauf, Amy
Nov-2006Intrinsic and Extrinsic Contributions to the Development of the Zebrafish Olfactory EpitheliumHarden, Maegan
27-Jan-2014Intrinsic Host And Extrinsic Environmental Drivers Of Coral Health And DiseaseCouch, Courtney
7-Dec-2007Intrinsic lattice thermal conductivity of semiconductors from first principlesBroido, David; Malorny, Michael; Birner, Gerd; Mingo, Natalio; Stewart, Derek
21-Jun-2012Intrinsic location functionals of stationary processesSamorodnitsky, Gennady; Shen, Yi
1982Introducing Cornell, 1981-82Cornell University
Showing results 21440 to 21459 of 32944
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