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19-Aug-2013Investigations Of The Biology Of The Pest Aphid Aulacorthum Solani (Kaltenbach) (Hemiptera: Aphididae) And Of Biological Control Agents For Control Of Multi-Species Aphid Outbreaks In Greenhouse Floriculture Crops.Jandricic, Sarah
31-Jan-2011Investigations Of The Mechanism And Modulation Of Gaba(A) Receptors And Their Potentiation By DihydropyrimidinonesLewis, Ryan
26-Jun-2012Investigations of the Source, Distribution, Expression and Physiological Function of Thiaminase IGordon, Eric
Sep-1985Investigations of Type Theory in Programming Logics and Intelligent SystemsConstable, Robert L.
May-2007Investigations on Performance of a Continuous Mass Flow Rate Measurement System for Potato HarvestingMostofi, M.R.; Godwin, R.G.; O'Dogherty, M.J.; Minaei, S.
14-Sep-2011Investigaton of CO2 Capture Mechanisms of Liquid-like Nanoparticle Organic Hybrid Materials via Structural CharacterizationPark, Y.; Li, K-Y.; Park, A-H.; Decatur, J.; Lin, A.
12-Jan-2010Investment Balance for Maximizing Farm ProfitabilityKarszes, Jason; Knoblauch, Wayne
27-May-2012Investment Planning For Electric Power Systems To Mitigate Extreme EventsRomero, Natalia
7-Oct-2009Inviscid Simulations of Interacting Flags and Falling SheetsAlben, Silas
28-Jul-2007The Invisible Text: Reading Between the Lines of Frank Wills's Treatise, Ancient English Ecclesiastical ArchitectureMcFarland, Elizabeth
19-May-2014The Invisible Workforce: What strategies allow temporary workers to overcome employer opposition to union organizing?Haribhakti, Shivali
31-Jan-2012In Vitro Mineralization Models: Examining The Formation Of Calcium Phosphate In A Hydrogel Based Double Diffusion System.Dorvee, Jason
17-Jun-2004In Vitro Scaffold Construction for a Bio-artificial LiverWebster, Brad; Jong Kim, Tak; Chow, Sharon; Wang, Jeff; Tsai, Chrissy
27-May-2012In Vivo Imaging Of The S-Locus Receptor Kinase In Transgenic Self-Incompatible Arabidopsis ThalianaRea, Anne
25-May-2014In Vivo Noninvasive Mouse Model Of Load Induced OsteoarthritisKo, Frank
25-May-2014Invoking The Past: The Cultural Politics Of Lao Literature. 1941-1975Polmuk, Chairat
18-Aug-2008The Involvement of the Cyclooxygenase Enzymes in the Gallus Domesticus Model of Ovarian CancerUrick, Mary Ellen
Jul-2004Ion Control in Closed Growing Systems with Inert Media: Controller Settings and Modes of Operationvan Straten, G.; Gieling, Th.
25-Jan-2012Ionic liquid-nanoparticle hybrid electrolytesLu, Y.; Moganty, S.S.; Schaefer, J.L.; Archer, L.A.
26-Jan-2015Ionic Liquid-Tethered Hybrid Nanoparticle Electrolytes For Secondary Lithium BatteriesLu, Yingying
Showing results 21632 to 21651 of 33196
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