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31-Jan-2011Molecular Basis Of Bar Domain Super-Family Proteins And Genetically Encoded Calcium IndicatorsWang, Qi
31-Aug-2011Molecular Biomarkers For Respiration In Dehalococcoides Ethenogenes And Methanospirllum Hungatei: Comparing Protein And Messenger-Rna Abundance In AnaerobesRowe, Annette
5-Aug-2010Molecular Characterization And Determination Of Activation Requirements For A Phytochelatin Synthase From Thalassiosira PseudonanaCampolongo, Tiffany
9-Apr-2010Molecular Characterization Of Putative Mesenchymal Progenitor Cells From Equine Bone Marrow AspiratesRadcliffe, Catherine
31-Jan-2012Molecular Characterization Of The Intestinal Microbiome Of Naso Tonganus And Its Unusually Large Polyploid Symbiont, Epulopiscium Type BMendell, Jennifer
30-Nov-2007Molecular dynamics and ESR spectra of a nitroxide spin label at solvent-exposed surface sites in proteinsSezer, Deniz
13-Jan-2012Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Silica Nanopoarticles Grafted with Poly(ethylene oxide) Oligomer ChainsHong, Bingbing; Panagiotopoulos, Athanassios Z.
26-Jun-2007Molecular Evolution of the prfA Cluster in Listeria monocytogenes Lineage III IsolatesMaron, Steven
19-Aug-2009The Molecular Function Of Mclca1, Mclca2 And Mclca4 In Murine LifeGreene, Kai
31-Jan-2012A Molecular Mechanism Allowing Transposon Tn7 To Target Active Dna ReplicationLi, Zaoping
31-Jan-2012Molecular Mechanisms Of Cycle Arrest And Apoptosis In Lymphoid Cells Elicited By Cytolethal Distending Toxin, A Genotoxin Produced By Campylobacter Jejuni And Helicobacter HepaticusJinadasa, Rasika
22-May-2009Molecular Mechanisms Of Estrogen-Dependent Transcriptional Regulation Through Ap-1Isaacs, Gary David
13-Oct-2009Molecular Mechanisms Of Mutagenesis And Lung Tumorigenesis Caused By Ribonucleotide Reductase DeregulationXu, Xia
13-Oct-2009Molecular Mechanisms Of Zinc Homeostasis In Bacillus Subtilis Mediated By Zur, A Fur Family Member.Gabriel, Scott
19-Aug-2013Molecular Mechanisms Underlying The Regulation Of Gene Expression And Growth In Breast Cancer CellsSun, Miao
19-Aug-2013Molecular Motions And Charge Carrier Dynamics In Electric Force MicroscopyLekkala, Swapna
9-Apr-2010Molecular Phylogenetic Analysis Of The Bees (Hymenoptera), With An Emphasis On Apidae And The Evolutionary History Of Social And Cleptoparasitic BehaviorCardinal, Sophie
9-Apr-2010Molecular-Scale Energetic Events In Organic Molecular CrystalsGoose, Joseph
Sep-1990The Molecule Problem: Determining Conformation from Pairwise DistancesHendrickson, Bruce A.
Showing results 23284 to 23303 of 32363
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