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20-Aug-2012Multi-Dimensional Characterization Of The Laser And Electron Beams Of The Cornell Energy Recovery Linac Photoinjector PrototypeLi, Heng
20-Aug-2012Multi-Dimensional Problems In Single-Resource Revenue ManagementDing, Chao
26-May-2013A Multi-Disciplinary Laboratory And Field Study In Drinking Water Quality: A Novel Technique For Assessing Suspended Solids Concentrations In The Floc Blanket, Analysis Of Floc Blanket Dynamics, And A Field Study Of Sources Of Waterborne Disease Transmission In The Ethiopian HighlandsHurst, Matthew
31-Aug-2011Multi-drug resistant Eschericha coli meningitis in a Brown Swiss calfWhitlow, Molly
2-Apr-2003Multi-drug resistant Escherichia coli urinary tract infection in a MalamuteBartholf, Holly
Mar-1987Multi-Echelon and Joint Replenishment Production and Distribution Systems with Non-Stationary DemandsJoneja, D.
Oct-2001A Multi-Echelon, Multi-Item Inventory Model for Service Parts Management with Generalized Service Level ConstraintsCaggiano, K. E.; Jackson, P. L.; Muckstadt, J. A.; Rappold, J. A.
22-Jun-2007A Multi-faceted Analysis of Spinosad Resistance in the House Fly (Musca domestica L.)Deacutis, Juliane
13-Oct-2009The Multifarious Jihads Of Malcolm X: From Malcolm Little To El Hajj Malik El-Shabazz Quote: I Am All That I Have Been. El Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, 1964Hicks, Keisha
17-Nov-2006Multi-frequency Radar Studies of the High Latitude MesosphereRamos, Camilo
19-Aug-2009Multifunctional Fetishism: Neoliberal Restructuring And The Valorization Of European AgricultureDa, Via
Jul-1993Multi-item, Multi-period Production Planning with Uncertain DemandMuckstadt, J.; Sox, C.
Sep-1988Multi-Item Production Planning with Joint Replenishment and Capacity Constraints: The Trucking ProblemJoneja, D.
Feb-2005Multi-level Comparisons of Organic and Integrated Fruit Production (IFP) Systems for 'Liberty' Apple in a New York OrchardMerwin, Ian; Peck, Gregory
May-1985Multilevel Data Structures Models and PerformanceMoitra, Abha; Iyengar, S. Sitharama; Bastani, F.; Yen, I.
16-Apr-2008Multilobular osteochondosarcoma in a RottweilerMeleleo, Pasquale
25-May-2014Multimarket Trading Of Cross-Listed Stocks: Liquidity, Investor Protection, And Excess Comovement In ReturnsWoo, Seung Won
May-1996MultiMATLAB: MATLAB on Multiple ProcessorsTrefethen, Anne E.; Menon, Vijay S.; Chang, Chi-Chao; Czajkowski, Grezgorz J.; Myers, Chris; Trefethen, Lloyd N.
May-1996MultiMATLAB: MATLAB on Multiple ProcessorsTrefethen, Anne E.; Menon, Vijay S.; Chang, Chi-Chao; Czajkowski, Grzegorz; Myers, Chris; Trefethen, Lloyd N.
20-Oct-2010Multimetallic Nanoparticles For Fuel Cell Electrocatalysts: Considerations Of Their Formation And Thin-Film Inspired CompositionsDreibelbis, Mark
Showing results 24054 to 24073 of 33306
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