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March 1, 2014 - March 31, 2014

Downloads for 2013 | Totals for all Items 2002-2013

MonthItems AddedDownloads*
January1,031306,798 (see all items downloaded)
February254334,357 (see all items downloaded)
March60520,589 (see all items downloaded)
April00 (see all items downloaded)
May00 (see all items downloaded)
June00 (see all items downloaded)
July00 (see all items downloaded)
August00 (see all items downloaded)
September00 (see all items downloaded)
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December00 (see all items downloaded)

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Top 20 Downloads for March 2014

1. Cornell Alumni News Vol. 2, No. 28 (April 25, 1900) (322,146 downloads)

2. Water Resources Systems Planning And Management: An Introduction To Methods, Models And Applications Stedinger, Jery R.;Villars, Monique T.;Dijkman, Jozef P.M.;van Beek, Eelco;Loucks, Daniel P. (5,765 downloads)

3. Pl/Ct - A Terminal Version Of Pl/C - Release 2 Moore, Charles G. III;Worona, Steven L.;Conway, Richard W. (5,481 downloads)

4. Positive Youth Development Resource Manual Dotterweich, Jutta (3,049 downloads)

5. Dynamics, Theory And Applications Levinson, David A.;Kane, Thomas R. (2,462 downloads)

6. New Optimization Techniques Teuffel, Patrick;Borgart, Andrew;Stach, Edgar;Von Buelow, Peter;Jakimovska, Gordana;Markov, Ivan (1,809 downloads)

7. Orchard Nutrition Management reid, W. Shaw;Stiles, Warren C. (1,408 downloads)

8. Cornell Alumni News Vol. 33, No. 10 (November 27, 1930) (1,251 downloads)

9. Bait Hives For Honey Bees Morse, Roger A.;Nowogrodzki, Richard;Seeley, Thomas D. (1,193 downloads)

10. Cornell Alumni News Vol. 94, No. 08 (April, 1992) (1,172 downloads)

11. Cornell Alumni News Vol. 93, No. 06 (January, 1991) (1,116 downloads)

12. Forecasting Adoption Of Ultra-Low-Emission Vehicles Using Bayes Estimates Of A Multinomial Probit Model And The Ghk Simulator Achtnicht, Martin;Daziano, Ricardo (1,081 downloads)

13. 2008 Iass-Iacm: Plenary Lectures And Scordelis Memorial Keynote Lectures - The Videos Willam, Kaspar J.;Meyer, Christian;Craighead, Harold G.;Bischoff, Manfred;Ohmori, Hiroshi;Billington, David P.;Kratzig, Wilfried B.;Hulbert, Gregory M.;Yang, Y. B.;Mang, Herbert A.;Pellegrino, Sergio (895 downloads)

14. Composites Allix, Olivier;Gosselet, Pierre;Gal, Erez;Guggenberger, Werner;Moosbrugger, Thomas;Haq, Mahmoodul;Kerfriden, Pierre;Billington, Sarah;Schrass-Christian, Sarah;Wu, Jun;Burgueno, Rigoberto;Isaac, Christina;Fish, Jacob (838 downloads)

15. Magnetism And Magnetotransport In Complex Oxide Thin Film Heterostructures Chopdekar, Rajesh (836 downloads)

16. Fijian-English Dictionary: With Notes On Fijian Culture And Natural History Gatty, Ronald (832 downloads)

17. Case For A Primary Diplomatic Relationship With China Kirk, Mark (803 downloads)

18. Quantum Physics Made (Relatively) Simple: Personal And Historical Perspectives Of Hans Bethe Film Editor: Michael Allmendinger;Bethe, Hans (771 downloads)

19. Review Of Water Treatment Membrane Nanotechnologies Hoek, E.M.V.;Pendergast, M.T.M. (742 downloads)

20. How To Organize A Youth Forum Dotterweich, Jutta (742 downloads)

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