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June 1, 2014 - June 30, 2014

Downloads for 2013 | Totals for all Items 2002-2013

MonthItems AddedDownloads*
January1,031306,798 (see all items downloaded)
February254334,357 (see all items downloaded)
March60520,589 (see all items downloaded)
April39387,432 (see all items downloaded)
May96236,327 (see all items downloaded)
June396220,879 (see all items downloaded)
July00 (see all items downloaded)
August00 (see all items downloaded)
September00 (see all items downloaded)
October00 (see all items downloaded)
November00 (see all items downloaded)
December00 (see all items downloaded)

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Top 20 Downloads for June 2014

1. Water Resources Systems Planning And Management: An Introduction To Methods, Models And Applications Stedinger, Jery R.;Villars, Monique T.;Dijkman, Jozef P.M.;van Beek, Eelco;Loucks, Daniel P. (4,725 downloads)

2. Light Transport On Path-Space Manifolds Walter, Bruce Jonathan;Marschner, Stephen Robert;Myers, Andrew C.;Nussbaum, Michael;Jakob, Wenzel (3,626 downloads)

3. Computing Visual Correspondence With Occlusions Via Graph Cuts Kolmogorov, Vladimir;Zabih, Ramin (2,335 downloads)

4. Lattice Simulations Of Phase Morphology In Model Membrane Systems Feigenson, Gerald W;Wang, Michelle D;Amazon, Jonathan;Zipfel, Warren R. (2,290 downloads)

5. Positive Youth Development Resource Manual Dotterweich, Jutta (2,145 downloads)

6. Know Your Trees Cope, E. A.;Winch, Fred E. Jr.;Cope, J. A. (1,862 downloads)

7. 2008 Iass-Iacm: Plenary Lectures And Scordelis Memorial Keynote Lectures - The Slides Willam, Kaspar J.;Meyer, Christian;Craighead, Harold G.;Bischoff, Manfred;Ohmori, Hiroshi;Billington, David P.;Kratzig, Wilfried B.;Hulbert, Gregory M.;Yang, Y. B.;Mang, Herbert A.;Pellegrino, Sergio (1,271 downloads)

8. Shrubs For Landscape Plantings In New York State Mower, Robert G. (889 downloads)

9. Keeping Current With Educational Resources Andrews, Camille (871 downloads)

10. Bait Hives For Honey Bees Morse, Roger A.;Nowogrodzki, Richard;Seeley, Thomas D. (834 downloads)

11. Fijian-English Dictionary: With Notes On Fijian Culture And Natural History Gatty, Ronald (824 downloads)

12. Copyright And Cultural Institutions: Guidelines For U.S. Libraries, Archives, And Museums Kenyon, Andrew T.;Hudson, Emily;Hirtle, Peter B. (757 downloads)

13. Conversation With Edmund T. Cranch Moon, Francis C. (Interviewer);Cranch, Edmund T. (751 downloads)

14. Spontaneous Jumping Of Coalescing Drops On A Superhydrophobic Surface Boreyko, Jonathan;Chen, Chuan-Hua (736 downloads)

15. Dictionary Of Cebuano Visayan Wolff, John (725 downloads)

16. Cornell Alumni News Vol. 42, No. 12 (December 14, 1939) (720 downloads)

17. How To Organize A Youth Forum Dotterweich, Jutta (656 downloads)

18. Studies In Nanomagnetism: Co/Ni Multilayers In Magnetic Tunnel Junctions, Nanomagnets In Superconducting Microwave Cavities, And Magnetic Multilayer Nanowires Ralph, Daniel C;Arias, Tomas A.;Gudmundsen, Theodore;Buhrman, Robert A (625 downloads)

19. Systems Thinking Cabrera, Derek Anthony (607 downloads)

20. Integrated Nonlinear Optics In Silicon Nitride Waveguides And Resonators Gaeta, Alexander L.;Pollock, Clifford Raymond;Levy, Jacob;Lipson, Michal (592 downloads)

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