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eCommons@Cornell - Statistics 2015

Totals for all Items 2002-2014

MonthItems AddedDownloads*
January334284,315 (see all items downloaded)
February54232,266 (see all items downloaded)
March00 (see all items downloaded)
April00 (see all items downloaded)
May00 (see all items downloaded)
June00 (see all items downloaded)
July00 (see all items downloaded)
August00 (see all items downloaded)
September00 (see all items downloaded)
October00 (see all items downloaded)
November00 (see all items downloaded)
December00 (see all items downloaded)

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Top 20 Downloads for February 2015

1. Cornell Chronicle Vol. 27, No. 16 (December 14, 1995) (12,802 downloads)

2. Damage And Damage Tolerance Of High Temperature Composites And Sandwich Composite Structures Czabaj, Michael (8,273 downloads)

3. Water Resources Systems Planning and Management: An Introduction to Methods, Models and Applications Loucks, Daniel P.;van Beek, Eelco;Stedinger, Jery R.;Dijkman, Jozef P.M.;Villars, Monique T. (6,426 downloads)

4. Cornell Alumni News Vol. 73, No. 02 (September, 1970) (5,760 downloads)

5. Beethoven's Political Music and the Idea of the Heroic Style Mathew, Nicholas Louis (4,454 downloads)

6. Cornell Chronicle Vol. 16, No. 30 (April 18, 1985) (3,981 downloads)

7. Cornell Alumni News Vol. 80, No. 09 (May, 1978) (3,920 downloads)

8. The Cornell Guide for Planting and Maintaining Trees and Shrubs Weir, Richard III;Good, George (3,272 downloads)

9. Cornell Alumni News Vol. 108, No. 05 (March/April 2006) (2,844 downloads)

10. How Warm is an Igloo? Holihan, Rich;Keeley, Dan;Lee, Daniel;Tu, Powen;Yang, Eric (1,995 downloads)

11. Positive Youth Development Resource Manual Dotterweich, Jutta (1,909 downloads)

12. Fijian-English Dictionary: with notes on Fijian culture and natural history Gatty, Ronald (1,655 downloads)

13. Design-Oriented Modeling of Nonlinear Structures Izzuddin, Bassam;Maunder, Edward;Ramsay, Angus;Hamed, Ehab;Bradford, Mark A.;Gilbert, R. Ian;Chang, Zhen-Tian (1,336 downloads)

14. Engineering: Cornell Quarterly, Vol.22, No.2 (Winter 1987-88): Pioneering in Plasma Studies Lovelace, Richard V. E.;Wharton, Charles B.;Fleischmann, Hans H.;Kusse, Bruce R. (1,282 downloads)

15. Bait Hives for Honey Bees Seeley, Thomas D.;Morse, Roger A.;Nowogrodzki, Richard (1,268 downloads)

16. Cornell Alumni News Vol. 105, No. 01 (July/August 2002) (1,089 downloads)

17. Hu Shih papers at Cornell University, 1910-1963 Hu, Shih (1,078 downloads)

18. A dictionary of Cebuano Visayan Wolff, John (1,044 downloads)

19. Integrated Nonlinear Optics In Silicon Nitride Waveguides And Resonators Levy, Jacob (911 downloads)

20. Cornell Register 1887-1888 Cornell University (877 downloads)

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