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A World without Disorder: Absolute Zero Temperature


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Robert C. Richardson's 1978 public lecture, demonstration, "A World Without Disorder: Absolute Zero Temperature", describes for a general audience the research for which later he, along with Lee and Osheroff, would be honored with a Nobel Prize in Physics in 1996.

The Cornell Chronicle 10(13) p.9 30 Nov 1978 stated "He will describe some of the unexpected new phenomena recently discovered ... within a few thousandths of a degree of absolute zero. Finally he will discuss some of the unsolved puzzles and the practical implications of research at very low temperatures."

In the DVD-ROM: Selected articles published by the Cornell Chronicle about Cornell research on absolute zero (and superconductivity) are included, along with video formats for playing as QuickTime and iPod movies (320x240 pixels).

Running time: 48 minutes, 4x3 aspect ratio

Published by The Internet-First University Press.

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