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Title: Structural Stability
Authors: Aquino, Wilkins
Connelly, Robert
Earls, Christopher J.
Ewert, Eduard
Guan, Y.
Guggenberger, Werner
Hoefinger, Gerhard
Iuorio, O.
Jia, Xin
Li, Z. J.
Lin, T.J.
Mang, Herbert A.
Moen, Cristopher
Obrebski, Jan B.
Planinc, Igor
Rodman, Urban
Saje, Miran
Sangree, R. H.
Schafer, Benjamin W.
Schweizerhof, Karl
Seif, M.
Shifferaw, Y.
Steinboeck, Andreas
Stull, Christopher J.
Tekleab, Medhanye B.
Yang, Yeong Bin
Zeinoddini, V.
Zupan, Dejan
Keywords: structural stability
sensitivity analysis
Issue Date: May-2008
Publisher: Internet-First University Press
Abstract: IASS-IACM 2008 Session: Structural Stability -- Session Organizer: Herbert MANG (Technical University of Vienna) -- Plenary Lecture: Abstract, Slides and Video: "Answers to three not quite straightforward questions in structural stability" by Andreas STEINBOECK, Gerhard HOEFINGER, Xin JIA, Herbert A. MANG (Technical University of Vienna) -- Keynote Lecture: "Limit-point and postbuckling behavior of steel trusses under thermal and mechanical loadings" by Yeong Bin YANG , T.J. LIN (National Taiwan University) -- "Modeling thin-walled cold-formed steel members and systems" by Benjamin W. SCHAFER , R. H. SANGREE, Cristopher MOEN, M. SEIF, Y. SHIFFERAW, V. ZEINODDINI, Z. J. LI, O. IUORIO, Y. GUAN (Johns Hopkins University) -- "Multi parametrical instability of straight bars" by Jan B. OBREBSKI (Warsaw University of Technology) -- "The effect of predetermined delaminations on buckling and post-buckling behavior of spatial composite timber beams and frames" by Miran SAJE , Urban RODMAN, Dejan ZUPAN, Igor PLANINC (University of Ljubljana) -- Keynote Lecture: "Buckling and sensitivity analysis of imperfect shells involving contact" by Karl SCHWEIZERHOF , Eduard EWERT (University of Karlsruhe) -- Keynote Lecture: "Determining the stability of tensegrities and generic global rigidity" by Robert CONNELLY (Cornell University) -- "Initial imperfection identification in shell buckling problems" by Christopher J. STULL , Christopher J. EARLS, Wilkins AQUINO (Cornell University) -- "Buckling phenomena, analysis and design of axially compressed cylindrical shells with co-existent external pressure" by Werner GUGGENBERGER , Medhanye B. TEKLEAB (TU Graz)
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