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Title: Membrane and Tension Structures
Authors: Cheng, Ron-Bin
Gellin, Slade
Gordeiev, Vadym
Guo, Lu
Healy, Tim
Huijben, Frank
Izzuddin, Bassam A.
Lloyd Smith, David
Ogloblya, Oleksandr
Pargana, Julio B.
Shymanovska, Maryna
van Herwijnen, Frans
Keywords: modeling
fabric structures
membrane structures
elastic systems
Issue Date: May-2008
Publisher: Internet-First University Press
Abstract: IASS-IACM 2008 Session: Membrane and Tension Structures -- "Realistic modeling of tensioned fabric structures" by Julio B. PARGANA, David LLOYD SMITH, Bassam A. IZZUDDIN (Imperial College London) -- "Vaccumatics: Vacuumatically prestressed (adaptable) structures" by Frank HUIJBEN , Frans van HERWIJNEN (Eindhoven University of Technology) -- "Wrinkling evaluation of membrane structures" by Lu GUO (Cybernet Systems Co.) -- "Wrinkling of stretched elastic films via bifurcation" by Ron-Bin CHENG , Tim HEALEY (Cornell University) -- "A comparison of four flattening methods for tensioned fabric structures" by Slade GELLIN (Buffalo State College) -- "On the calculation of elastic systems having blocks and sagging cables" by Vadym GORDEIEV , Oleksandr OGLOBLYA, Maryna SHYMANOVSKA (V. Shimanovsky UkrRDIsteelconstruction)
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