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Title: The Visible Hand, Volume 12, Issue 2
Authors: Pedersen, Linda
Liang, Olivia
DeWitt, Katherine
Bhattacharyay, Madhurima
Sasiadek, Adam
Toor, Neelu
Shih, Jerry
Ghassabeh, Ali John
Wong, Vincent
Goldman, Jarett
Wang, Ray
Cheng, Samson
Ko, Rosy
Cho, Thummim
Tevet, Dan
Kumar, Tulika
Keywords: Economic Trends
Economic Policy
Common Agricultural Policy
International Agricultural Economies
Financial Integration:
Civil War
World Trade Organization
Dispute Settlement
Social Security
Good Samaritan Law
Internet Taxes
Exchange Rate
Chinese Auto Industry
Game Theory
Behavioral Economics
Issue Date: May-2005
Publisher: Cornell Economics Society
Abstract: The Visible Hand, Spring 2005, is a publication of the Cornell Economics Society. In this issue the following Economic Trends and Policies are explored: (1) "The Recent Surge in Mergers and Acquisitions" by Linda Pedersen ... (2) "New Luxury: Like It or Spike It?" by Olivia Liang ... (3) "The Common Agricultural Policy and Struggling International Agricultural Economies" by Katherine DeWitt ... (4) "Financial Integration: A Road Towards Growth or to Increased Vulnerability and Poverty?" by Madhurima Bhattacharyay ... (5) "The Role of Economics in the Origins of the Civil War" by Adam Sasiadek ... (6) "Economic Interstate Conflict: The World Trade Organization and Dispute Settlement - Evaluating Schools of Thought" by Neelu Toor ... (7) "Privitization of Social Security" by Jerry Shih ... (8) "Capital Punishment as a Deterent to Murder" by Ali John Ghassabeh ... (9) "The Good Samaritan Law and the Duty to Rescue: A Cost-Benefit Analysis" by Vincent Wong ... (10) "NO! to Internet Taxes" by Jarett Goldman ... (11) "Exchange Rate and Current Account Imbalances in China and ASEAN: Are They A Problem?" by Ray Wang ... (12) "The Development of the Chinese Auto Industry" by Samson Cheng ... (13) "The Investment Landscape for Foreign Acquisition in the Chinese Banking Industry" by Rosy Ko ... (14) "The Future of ASEAN?s Economy: Growth through Foreign Direct Investment" by Thummim Cho ... (15) "Online Auctions: Changing the Face of Game Theory" by Dan Tevet ... (16) "Behavioral Economics: A Look into this New Course and Professor O'Donoghue" by Tulika Kumar.
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The Internet-First University Press Archive 001, 30 Apr 05

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