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Freeman, John Craig

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Digital access to this material is pending artist's approval. Materials may be viewed onsite at the Goldsen Archive, Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Kroch Library, Cornell University.

Throughout my artistic career, I have been engaged in an experimental inquiry into the impact of new technologies on the production and dissemination of art and culture. For the past decade, I have been developing "Imaging Place", a place-based, documentary, virtual reality project that is a user navigated, interactive computer program combining panoramic photography, video, and three-dimensional digital technologies. Although the method borrows freely from the traditions of documentary still photography and filmmaking, the "Imaging Place" method departs from those traditions by using nonlinear narrative structures made possible by computer technologies and telecommunications networks; its database format is therefore experienced as a process of navigation and excavation, allowing the user to uncover many layers of history and meaning.

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