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Title: Long-term Investigation of Territorial Behavior and Population Dynamics in the Common Loon, 1993-2009
Authors: Piper, Walter
Walcott, Charles
Keywords: Loons
Population Dynamics
Lincoln County, Wisconsin
Oneida County, Wisconsin
Vilas County, Wisconsin
Issue Date: 30-Apr-2012
Abstract: The Loon Project research focuses on two main issues: 1) how young animals acquire a territory, which they must have to breed, and 2) how older, established breeders hold onto their territories for as long as possible. In the course of exploring these two central issues, we have probed other areas, such as the impact of nesting platforms on reproductive success of loons, genetic parentage of loon chicks, changes in the territorial yodels of males, and local movements of breeding and non-breeding loons. More information can be found on the project website ( including techniques (, and findings (
Description: This data package must be uncompressed for use. In addition to the data described above, it includes an Ecological Metadata Language (EML) record, which describes in considerable detail the contents of the data table(s), methods, usage rights, and other information. All users of these data are strongly encouraged to review this EML record.
Content replaced at author's request on 05-August-2014.
This data set and accompanying metadata may be used for non-commercial academic, research, and other professional purposes under the following conditions. 1) The Data User may use the data to "fact-check" published research findings without prior permission from the Data Owner (Walter Piper of the Loon Project,, providing such fact-checking is not made available to the public as a presentation or publication in a scientific journal, book, magazine or other published work without prior approval of the Data Owner. 2) Use of the dataset by the Data User in a non-commercial presentation or publication of any kind is forbidden without explicit written permission from the Data Owner, and any such presentation or publication must be sent to or shared with the Data Owner following publication or presentation. 3) Use of the data for any commercial purpose is forbidden without prior permission from the Data Owner. These restrictions on use expire upon the death of the Data Owner.
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