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Title: The Corson Symposium: Lectures
Authors: Richardson, Robert C.
Rawlings, Hunter R. III
Brademas, John
Ehlers, Vernon J.
Kuh, Charlotte V.
Wyatt, Joe B.
Plum, Fred
Greenberg, Donald P.
Rhodes, Frank H.T.
Ehrenberg, Ronald G.
Holcomb, Donald F.
Tanksley, Steven D.
Ballantyne, Joseph M.
Keywords: Dale Corson
Cornell University
J. Robert Cooke
Walter LaFeber
Issue Date: 22-Jul-2009
Abstract: This is a companion piece to the Book: "the Legacy of Dale R. Corson". These are audio versions of the Lectures given at the Corson Symposium given on December 6-7, 1999.
Appears in Collections:The Legacy of Dale R. Corson
Corson, Dale Raymond
Richardson, Robert Coleman

Files in This Item:

File Description SizeFormat
3052Ballantyne AAC.m4aCenters: Collaboration, Coordination, Competition, Collegiality, cost and Continuity by Joseph M. Ballantyne12.94 MBM4a AudioView/Open
3051RCookeIntroBallantyne AAC.m4aJ. Robert Cooke presents Joseph Ballantyne801.61 kBM4a AudioView/Open
3042Tanksley AAC.m4aThe Genomics Revolution: What Role for Cornell? by Steven D. Tanskley14.32 MBM4a AudioView/Open
3041RCookeIntroTanksley AAC.m4aJ. Robert Cooke presents Steven Tanksley645.58 kBM4a AudioView/Open
3032Holcomb AAC.m4aFinancing Cornell in the 21st Century by Donald F. Holcomb31.58 MBM4a AudioView/Open
3031RCookeIntroHolcomb AAC.m4aJ. Robert Cooke presents Donald Holcomb1.37 MBM4a AudioView/Open
3022Ehrenberg AAC.m4aWhy Can't Colleges Control Their Costs? by Ronald G. Ehrenberg42.96 MBM4a AudioView/Open
3021RCookeIntroEhrenberg AAC.m4aJ. Robert Cooke presents Ronald Ehrenberg851.53 kBM4a AudioView/Open
3012RhodesSpeech AAC.m4aIssues for the 21st Century by Frank H.T. Rhodes29.51 MBM4a AudioView/Open
3011RCookePresiding AAC.m4aJ. Robert Cooke Presiding Day 21.79 MBM4a AudioView/Open
261CloseLaFeberRichardson AAC.m4aWalter LaFeber and Robert Richardson - Closing Day 11.03 MBM4a AudioView/Open
252DonGreenberg AAC.m4aVirtual Universities: Real Boundaries by Donald P. Greenberg33.82 MBM4a AudioView/Open
251LaFeberIntroGreenberg AAC.m4aWalter LaFeber presents Donald Greenberg2.19 MBM4a AudioView/Open
242FredPlum AAC .m4aMedical Neuroscience in the 21st Century by Fred Plum32.05 MBM4a AudioView/Open
241LaFeberIntroPlum AAC.m4aWalter LaFeber presents Fred Plum863.69 kBM4a AudioView/Open
231LafeberRecess AAC.m4aWalter LaFeber calls a recess293.01 kBM4a AudioView/Open
222JoeWyatt AACs.m4aThe Government-University Industry Research Nexus by Joe B. Wyatt28.69 MBM4a AudioView/Open
221LaFeberIntro AAC.m4aIntroduction by Walter LaFeber1.91 MBM4a AudioView/Open
212CharlotteKuh AAC.m4aGraduate Education in Research Universities: A Look to the Future by Charlotte V. Kuh33.49 MBM4a AudioView/Open
211LaFeberPresiding AAC.m4aWalter LaFeber presiding4.35 MBM4a AudioView/Open
142VernonEhlers AAC.m4aScience, Policy, and Politics by Vernon J. Ehlers38.12 MBM4a AudioView/Open
141RCRintroEhlers AAC.m4aRobert Richardson presents Vernon Ehlers1.44 MBM4a AudioView/Open
132JohnBrademas AAC.m4aThe Research University: Some Observations and Admonitions by John Brademas36.95 MBM4a AudioView/Open
131RCRintroBrademas AAC.m4aRobert Richardson presents John Brademas816.77 kBM4a AudioView/Open
122Rawlings AAC.m4aThe Role of Humanities in a Research University by Hunter R. Rawlings III40.65 MBM4a AudioView/Open
111RCRandRawlingsIntro AAC .m4aIntroduction by Robert Richardson and Hunter Rawlings3.11 MBM4a AudioView/Open
corson2.gifCorson Symposium Photo18.75 kBGIFThumbnail

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