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This portrait of the legendary Mike Abrams, 97, contains a collection of news stories and photographs over the years that describe his interests – including his devotion to both teaching and scholarship and his role as citizen-at-large at Cornell and internationally. These articles provide a glimpse into Mike Abrams' role in and impact on the Cornell Community and on the larger community of scholars. We present them as a tribute to Mike Abrams in celebration of his continuing role as an inspiring teacher, a highly influential scholar and literary critic, and as a person who played a major role in defining the great literature studied by students throughout the world.

An important part of this portrait of Mike Abrams can best be told through multimedia, so this associated 2-disc DVD to complement the book, M. H. Abrams at Cornell University, has been produced so you might see and hear him giving public lectures and being interviewed.

Highlights include public lectures "On Reading Poems Aloud" and the story of how the James Joyce Collection came to Cornell, interviews about his life's work and Cornell experience, copies of several books written by or about Abrams, a biographical sketch and a current bibliography of his work, and testimonials about the significance of his work, including the Norton Anthology of English Literature. A detailed table of contents is included.

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