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Karpelevich, Fridrikh Israilevich

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Interviews conducted with Fridrikh Karpelevich.

To view Eugene Dynkin giving a lecture regarding Fridrikh Karpelevich visit Dynkin's collection here:

The September 11, 1989 interview is in two parts.
An English translation transcript of this interview is available here:

September 11, 1989 Part 1:

September 11, 1989 Part 2:

Party in celebration of Eugene Dynkin's arrival in Moscow, Russia held at the home of Nikita Vvedenskaya, September 16, 1989. The interview is in five parts. The participants besides Dynkin include Roland Dobrushin, Fridrikh Karpelevich, Rafail Khasminskii and his wife Lida, Robert Minlos, Vladimir Uspensky, Nikita Vvedenskaya, and Alexander Yushkevich. For more interviews with these individuals visit their personal collection pages.
Dobrushin's collection is here:
Khasminskii's collection is here:
Minlos' collection is here:
Uspensky's collection is here:
Vvedenskaya's collection is here:
Yushkevich's collection is here:

September 16, 1989 Part 1:

September 16, 1989 Part 2:

September 16, 1989 Part 3:

September 16, 1989 Part 4:

September 16, 1989 Part 5:

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