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Dynkin, Eugene

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Eugene Dynkin giving a lecture regarding Fridrikh Karpelevich. To view other content of Karpelevich visit his collection here:
Portions of the file have been edited to remove technical difficulties during the lecture.

The following interviews took place July 25, 1999 and July 28, 1999. They are mainly Eugene Dynkin talking at his home in Ithaca, New York. Among other subjects, Dynkin tells of his childhood in Leningrad and Kazakhstan, his teachers, students and colleagues, and generally about the academic life in the Soviet Union and in the West. Some of these reminiscences have appeared as remarks in interviews with other people in the collection. Dynkin's wife Irene also contributes as do Sergei Kuznetsov and his wife Olga.
For more on Kuznetsov see Kuznetsov's collection here:

July 25, 1999, the interview is in two parts. Part 1:

July 25, 1999 Part 2:

July 28, 1999:

Dynkin speaking on Anatoliy Skorokhod, 0:00-3:29; Rafail Khasminskii, 3:30-9:58; and Alexander Wentzell, 9:59-16:54. These are reminiscences at the banquet of Dynkin's 80th birthday Workshop, May 2004:

Eugene Dynkin speaking on his childhood, part 1:

Eugene Dynkin speaking on his childhood, part 2:

Dynkin May 2004 Lecture at 80th birthday Workshop:

Dynkin speaking on the beginning of his research part 1:

Dynkin speaking on the beginning of his research part 2:

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