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Title: The Rau Plow Model Collection at Cornell University and the Evolution of Plow Design: A Lecture by Gerald E. Rehkugler
Authors: Rehkugler, Gerald E.
Keywords: Cornell University
Rau Model
Plow Collection
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Internet-First University Press
Abstract: In his lecture, “The Rau Model Plow Collection at Cornell and The Evolution of Plow Designs, ” Cornell professor emeritus Gerald Rehkugler tells the story of Cornell's Rau Model Plow Collection and illustrates the evolution of the plow over time in his April 21, 2011 presentation to the Cornell Association of Professors Emeriti (CAPE). The Rau Collection was acquired in 1868 by the first Cornell president Andrew Dickson White. The models trace the development of the plow from around 3000 B.C.E. to the mid 1860's. Supplemental resources include a written version of Rehkugler’s lecture, an English translation of the Directory of the models by Prof. Dr. Ludwig Rau, an 1868 letter from president White to Cornell University founder Ezra Cornell about the acquisition of the collection of model plows, an interview with Howard Riley by university archivist Gould Colman that includes a discussion of these models, brief descriptions of a plow that Ezra Cornell marketed and the plow intended to lay telegraph lines that he invented and patented. A selected list of Rehkugler’s own publications completes the supplemental materials. QuickTime videos of the lecture and supplementary materials use H.264 compression. One set is for Apple TV and the other is formatted for the iPhone (and QuickTime Player). These include the lecture, plowing using oxen, a brochure describing an event about plows and plowing sponsored by the Interlaken Historical Society and a brief description of minimum tillage cropping. Streaming videos of the main lecture component are also available online in YouTube at and in CornellCast at
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The Rau Plow Model Collection at Cornell University and the Evolution of Plow Design

Files in This Item:

File Description SizeFormat
00_Supplemental_Resources.pdfSupplemental Resources257.43 kBAdobe PDFView/Open
01_Evolution_of_Plow_Design_(Rehkugler)-.pdfEvolution of the Plow Design2.13 MBAdobe PDFView/Open
02_Rau_Directory_of_Model_Plows_(translation)-.pdfRau Directory of Model Plows5.31 MBAdobe PDFView/Open
03_Pres_White_Letter_to_Ezra_Cornell_(1868)-.pdfPres. White's Letter to Ezra Cornell872.4 kBAdobe PDFView/Open
04_White_Study_of_the_Plow_Bottom-.pdfWhite Study of the Plow Bottom3.45 MBAdobe PDFView/Open
05_Riley_Interview_(Colman)-.pdfRiley Interview781.97 kBAdobe PDFView/Open
06_Ezra's_plows-.pdfEzra Cornell's Plows438.76 kBAdobe PDFView/Open
07_Interlaken_Plows_and_Plowing (2005)-.pdfInterlaken Plows and Plowing4.71 MBAdobe PDFView/Open
08_Selected_Papers_and_Publications_(Rehkugler)-.pdfSelected Papers and Publications261.35 kBAdobe PDFView/Open
streaming_22848_46.htmlStreaming Video (Plows Lecture)8.26 kBHTMLView/Open
streaming_22848_48.htmlView Streaming Video (Plows Q&A)8.26 kBHTMLView/Open
streaming_22848_50.htmlView Streaming Video (Plows Gallery)8.26 kBHTMLView/Open
streaming_22848_52.htmlView Streaming Video (Plows and Tiilage)8.26 kBHTMLView/Open
streaming_22848_54.htmlView Streaming Video (Resources and Credits)8.26 kBHTMLView/Open
streaming_22848_56.htmlView Streaming Video (Old Sturbridge Village)8.26 kBHTMLView/Open
1-Plows-Lec-H.264-AppleTV.m4vDownload Plows Lecture (Apple TV version)1.42 GBM4v VideoView/Open
1-Plows-Lec-H.264-iPod-video-iPhone-640x480.m4vDownload Plows Lecture (iPhone version)458.74 MBM4v VideoView/Open
2-Plows-Q&A-H.264-AppleTV.m4vDownload Plows Q&A (Apple TV version)511.25 MBM4v VideoView/Open
2-Plows-Q&A-H.264-iPod-video-iPhone-640x480.m4vDownload Plows Q&A (iPhone version)163.36 MBM4v VideoView/Open
3-Gallery-H.264-AppleTV.m4vDownload Plows (Apple TV version)112.26 MBM4v VideoView/Open
3-Gallery-H.264-iPod-video-iPhone-640x480.m4vDownload Plows (iPhone version)38.23 MBM4v VideoView/Open
4-Min-Tillage-H.264-AppleTV.m4vDownload Plows and Tillage Tillage (Apple TV)17.42 MBM4v VideoView/Open
4-Min-Till-H.264-iPod-video-iPhone 640x480.m4vDownload Plows and Tillage (iPhone version)7.86 MBM4v VideoView/Open
5-Resources-Credits-H.264-AppleTV.m4vDownload Resources and Credits (Apple TV version)9.9 MBM4v VideoView/Open
5-Resources-Credits-H.264-iPod-video-iPhone-640x480.m4vDownload Resources and Credits (iPhone version)6.58 MBM4v VideoView/Open
6-Old-Sturbridge-Village-H.264-AppleTV.m4vDownload Old Sturbridge(Apple TV version)203.97 MBM4v VideoView/Open
6-Old-Sturbridge-Village-H.264-iPad-iPhone4.m4vDownload Old Sturbridge (iPhone version)409.11 MBM4v VideoView/Open

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