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Title: Engineering: Cornell Quarterly, Vol.27, No.3/4 (Spring/Summer 1993): Probing Earth's Processes
Authors: Isacks, Bryan L.
Thomas, Robert J.
Fish, Michele D.
Brown, Larry D.
Barazangi, Muawia
Bird, John M.
Cathles, Lawrence M., III
Hauser, Ernest C.
Bassett, William A.
White, William M.
Turcotte, Donald L.
Keywords: Engineering
Cornell University
Cornell Andes Project
Mountain Building
Climate Change
North America's Central Corridor
Middle East
Mantle Plumes
Oceanic Volcanism
Issue Date: 1993
Publisher: Internet-First University Press
Abstract: IN THIS ISSUE: Probing Earth's Processes /2 (Cornell geologists travel far and wide, interpreting subtle clues to learn how the earth works.) ... Mountains, Climate, and Global Change /3 (Mountain ranges affect weather and weather affects mountain ranges in a cycle that produces the soil that sustains life.) ... The Cornell Andes Project: An Interdisciplinary Study of Mountain Building /9 (A major initiative studies the world's best example of a mountain chain pushed up by subducted oceanic crust.) ... Deep Seismic Exploration in Tibet /12 (A collaboration with Chinese geologists is making the first deep seismic transect of the Himalayas.) ... Earthquakes and Oil: Collaborative Research in the Arab World /17 (Studies involving geologists in North Africa and the Middle East lead to better assessments of earthquake hazards.) ... Geological Fieldwork in the Space Age /20 (In the wilds of Alaska, graduate students learn about geology and about themselves.) ... New Meeting Grounds: Collaborative Research in the Urals and Kamchatka /25 (In the wake of the Cold War, international teams study Asia's eastern and western extremes.) ... New Frontiers Close to Home: North America's Central Corridor /27 (Under the flat expanse between the Appalachians and the Rockies lie the remains of former mountains and rifts.) ...Deep-Focus Earthquakes /32 (Laboratory experiments give clues to processes deep in the earth's mantle.) ... Mantle Plumes and Oceanic Volcanism /34 (Independent of plate tectonics, mantle plumes create chains of islands.) ... Fractals in Geology /40 (Drainage systems and other geological phenomena can be modeled with fractals.) ... Register /42 ... Faculty Publications /44
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Prof. Muawia Barazangi

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