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Title: Engineering: Cornell Quarterly, Vol.28, No.2 (Winter 1994): Aerospace Engineering at Cornell
Authors: Avedisian, C. Thomas
Boyd, Iain D.
Williamson, Charles H. K.
Caughey, David A.
Pope, Stephen B.
Resler, Edwin L., Jr.
Keywords: Engineering
Cornell University
Aerospace Engineering
Propulsion Systems
Wake Vortex Dynamics
Aerodynamic Design
Gas-Turbine Combustors
Computer simulations
Wave Rotors
Issue Date: 1994
Publisher: Internet-First University Press
Abstract: IN THIS ISSUE: Aerospace Engineering at Cornell /2 (With a distinguished history and vigorous research, Cornell looks to the future.) ... Experiments in a Microgravity Environment /4 (Experiments conducted in a falling package reveal processes that occur in space.) ... Modeling Secondary Propulsion Systems for Spacecraft /10 (Computer modeling is contributing to the design of more efficient control rockets.) ... On Board for Studies of Wake Vortex Dynamics: Undergraduates in a Research Environment /16 (Students play an active role in experiments at the forefront of fluid dynamics.) ... Computational Methods in Aerodynamic Design: The Difficulties and the Promise /23 (Computer simulations vie with wind tunnels in research aimed at minimizing shock waves over airfoils.) ... Simulating the Performance of Gas-Turbine Combustors /29 (In the development of better gas turbines, simulation is far cheaper than building test models.) ... How Wave Rotors Can Enhance Jet-Engine Performance /35 (It may be possible to increase the efficiency of fan jets while doubling their power.) ... Register /40 ... Faculty Publications /43
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