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Title: C Lateblight Simulation
Authors: Fry, W. E.
Milgroom, M. G.
Doster, M. A.
Bruhn, J. A.
Bruck, R. I.
Ticknor, Barr
Arneson, Phil
Keywords: lateblight
Issue Date: 1991
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Files in This Item:

File Description SizeFormat
BLIGHT.CC program60.58 kBCView/Open
COOLWET.LWXSupporting data3.31 kBCView/Open
HOTDRY.LWXSupporting data3.31 kBCView/Open
LATEBLIT.WRIUser manual92 kBWriteView/Open
LTBLDEFS.HHeader include file5.9 kBCView/Open
LTBLGLOB.HHeader include file7.05 kBCView/Open
MODDRY.LWXSupporting data3.58 kBCView/Open
MODMOD.LWXSupporting data4.27 kBCView/Open
MODWET.LWXSupporting data4.27 kBCView/Open
README.TXTFile information956 BTextView/Open

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