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Title: Oviduct carcinoma in a domestic chicken (Gallus domesticus)
Authors: Vicario, Shannon Marie
Keywords: Chickens -- Diseases -- Case studies
Issue Date: 7-Sep-2011
Series/Report no.: Senior seminar paper
Seminar SF610.1 2012
Abstract: An approximately 3-4 year old Rhode Island Red Hen presented to the Medical Center for Birds in Oakley, California in March 2011 for decreased appetite and activity for a duration of 48 hours. The bird was 1 of 9 birds who began laying eggs this season. On presentation the patient was quiet, alert and euhydrated. The bird was in good body condition with adequate muscle mass (BW 2.74kg). Her coelom was moderately distended and a firm mass was palpable in the left caudo-dorsal quadrant of the coelom. Radiographic images revealed distention of the caudal coelom and the presence of mass effect with calcification of the soft tissues in the middle coelom just to the left of the midline. An exploratory laparotomy was performed revealing a large amount of fluid present in the intestinal peritoneal cavity. A sample of this fluid was submitted for bacterial culture. No bacterial growth was seen. The oviduct was thickened and contained a full thickness puncture. A salipingohysterectomy was performed. Samples from the oviduct were submitted for histopathology. The results of histopathology showed oviductal carcinoma.
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