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Title: A Conversation with Simon H. Bauer
Authors: Bauer, Simon H.
Hughes, Robert E.
Keywords: molecular structure determinations by electron diffraction
EXAFS and spectroscopic techniques
measurement of the physical and thermochemical properties of the boranes
models of nucleation / condensation processes
kinetics of fast reactions
spectral emissions at high temperatures, as studied in shock tubes and in chemical laser systems
Issue Date: Sep-2006
Publisher: Internet-First University Press
Abstract: The Oral History Project of the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology sponsored this DVD video about Simon H. Bauer [runtime: 2 hr, 47 min] with interviewer Robert E. Hughes. Topics covered are [minutes:seconds]: Introduction [1:58]; Early Years [1:58]; Undergrad at U. Chicago [2:55]; Graduate at U. Chicago [0:31]; Electron Diffraction-1 [0:34]; Mass Spectrometry [1:39]; Research in 30?s vs. present [3:33]; Computers [1:13]; I. I. Rabi [1:35]; Postdoc Study at CalTech [0:58]; Infrared Studies [1:04]; Linus Pauling [1:17]; Depression Era Job [2:49]; Cornell Appointment 1938 [0:55]; Lynn Hoard [0:38]; Teaching Qualitative Analysis [1:22]; Electron Diffraction-2 [1:37]; Harry Bush [1:03]; Peter Debye-1 [2:51]; Frank Long [1:10]; Fluorocarbon [1:04]; Electron Diffraction-3 [1:03]; Ken Hedberg [1:18]; John Kirkwood and Peter Debye-2 [4:01]; Paul Flory and Peter Debye-3 [1:06]; Chemical Kinetics [2:01]; Impact tubes-1 [1:53]; R. C. Tollman [3:37]; Shock Tubes-2 [1:56]; Hans Bethe [2:00]; Sound Dispersion [2:36]; Photoacoustic Effect [2:46]; CO2/N2 Lasers [1:37]; Shock Tube Studies-2 [10:58]; Single-pulse Shock Tubes [2:07]; Chemical Lasers [2:10]; Polyani[2:54]; Molecular Beams [1:53]; Excited States [0:39]; DF Lasers [0:40]; UV Lasers [1:14]; NMR Techniques [4:24]; Formic Acid [1:34]; X-ray / CHESS Studies [6:22]; Heats of Formation of CH Species [3:09]; Heats of Formation of Boron Hydrides [6:05]; Electron Diffraction [2:07]; Boron Hydride Oxidations [1:19]; Condensation of Vapors [11:44]; Shock-tube Synthesis of Amino Acids [6:09]; Four-center Reactions [3:32]; G. N. Lewis-Acid/Base Reactions [4:54]; Instructional Importance of Quantum Physics [11:39]; Conclusion [2:15]. Additional Resources: Bauer Biography and List of Publications; Bauer Photo Gallery; Hughes Brief Biography. At 95 he continues to publish. The streaming video is openly accessible at: The DVD was produced by J. Robert Cooke.
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A Conversation with Simon Bauer
Bauer, Simon

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