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Manetas, Miltos

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Digital access to this material is pending artist's approval. Materials may be viewed onsite at the Goldsen Archive, Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Kroch Library, Cornell University.

I bought my first laptop in 1994. The first piece I did with it was "Whoops!"- the laptop's screen would turn blue for a second and the laptop will say "whoops!".

It's as if the laptop is a person which blinks, caught by surprise. Later, when I started and I discovered the Internet, it became clear to me that a new type of creative people is surfacing the stabilized waters of contemporary art. I wanted to have a new name for this situation, and in May 2000, with the assistance of ArtProduction Fund and Yvonne Force, I bought NEEN from Lexicon Branding. Lexicon are the creators of successful names such as "Powerbook" and "Pentium", and I asked them for a term that could characterize the spirit of our times, material to start a new movement such as Dada and Surrealism.

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