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Title: Quantum Physics Made (Relatively) Simple: Personal and Historical Perspectives of Hans Bethe
Authors: Bethe, Hans
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: Internet-First University Press
Abstract: In 1999, the legendary theoretical physicist Hans Bethe delivered three lectures to his neighbors at the Kendal of Ithaca retirement community. The lectures are presented with Dr. Bethe's notes and archival material. An introduction and appreciation is provided by Professor Silvan S. Schweber, the noted science historian who is also Dr. Bethe's biographer, and Edwin E. Salpeter, the J. G. White Distinguished Professor of Physical Science Emeritus at Cornell, who was a post-doctoral student of Dr. Bethe's. Running Time: Approximately 180 minutes
Description: The lectures were given by Hans Bethe at the Kendal of Ithaca retirement community on May 6, May 13, and May 20, 1999.
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Quantum Physics Made Relatively Simple
Bethe, Hans Albrecht

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bethe.htmlLink to Bethe Site2.88 kBHTMLView/Open
streaming_80_2.htmlView Streaming Video (Introduction to the DVD)8.18 kBHTMLView/Open
streaming_80_3.htmlView Streaming Video (Overview of Lectures)8.18 kBHTMLView/Open
streaming_80_4.htmlView Streaming Video (About Hans Bethe)8.18 kBHTMLView/Open
streaming_80_5.htmlView Streaming Video (Introduction to Lectures)8.18 kBHTMLView/Open
streaming_80_6.htmlView Streaming Video (Lecture 1)8.18 kBHTMLView/Open
streaming_80_7.htmlView Streaming Video (Lecture 2)8.18 kBHTMLView/Open
streaming_80_8.htmlView Streaming Video (Lecture 3)8.18 kBHTMLView/Open
streaming_80_9.htmlView Streaming Video (Appreciation of Hans Bethe)8.18 kBHTMLView/Open
streaming_80_10.htmlView Streaming Video (DVD Credits)8.18 kBHTMLView/Open
0_DVD_intro_to_Bethe_Lectures.m4vDownload Introduction to the DVD (large video)4.43 MBM4v VideoView/Open
1_Overview_Bethe_Lectures.m4vDownload Overview of Bethe Lectures (large video)7.52 MBM4v VideoView/Open
2_About_Hans_Bethe_Bethe_Lectures.m4vDownload about Hans Bethe (large video)9.09 MBM4v VideoView/Open
3_Introduction_to_the_Bethe_Lectures.m4vDownload Introduction to Lectures (large video)244.55 MBM4v VideoView/Open
intro_large.movDownload Introduction (medium sized video))28.63 MBVideo QuicktimeView/Open
intro_small.movDownload Introduction (Small Video)5.21 MBVideo QuicktimeView/Open
intro_audio.movDownload Introduction (Audio Version)2.62 MBVideo QuicktimeView/Open
4_Bethe_Lecture_1.m4vDownload Lecture 1 (large video)952.38 MBM4v VideoView/Open
lecture_1_large.movDownload Lecture 1 (Medium sized Video)104.28 MBVideo QuicktimeView/Open
lecture_1_small.movDownload Lecture 1 (Small Video)14.93 MBVideo QuicktimeView/Open
lecture_1_audio.movDownload Lecture 1 (Audio Version)4.37 MBVideo QuicktimeView/Open
5_Bethe_Lecture_2.m4vDownload Lecture 2 (large video)821.98 MBM4v VideoView/Open
lecture_2_large.movDownload Lecture 2 (Medium sized Video)90.05 MBVideo QuicktimeView/Open
lecture_2_small.movDownload Lecture 2 (Small Video)11.57 MBVideo QuicktimeView/Open
lecture_2_audio.movDownload Lecture 2 (Audio Version)3.78 MBVideo QuicktimeView/Open
6_Bethe_Lecture_3.m4vDownload Lecture 3 (large video)965.42 MBM4v VideoView/Open
lecture_3_large.movDownload Lecture 3 (Medium sized Video)104.58 MBVideo QuicktimeView/Open
lecture_3_small.movDownload Lecture 3 (Small Video)14.98 MBVideo QuicktimeView/Open
lecture_3_audio.movLecture 3 (Audio Version)4.38 MBVideo QuicktimeView/Open
7_Appreciation.m4vDownload Appreciation of Hans Bethe (large video)405.5 MBM4v VideoView/Open
outro_large.movDownload Appreciation (Medium sized Video)47.54 MBVideo QuicktimeView/Open
outro_small.movDownload Appreciation (Small Video)8.63 MBVideo QuicktimeView/Open
outro_audio.movDownload Appreciation (Audio Version)4.34 MBVideo QuicktimeView/Open
8_Credits_Bethe_Lectures.m4vDownload Credits to DVD (large video)6.2 MBM4v VideoView/Open
Bethe.jpgPicture of Hans Bethe5.06 kBJPEGThumbnail

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