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3-Sep-2007Animations from PDF Model Calculations of a Lifted Hydrogen FlameWang, Haifeng; Pope, Stephen B.
19-Oct-2009replacement videos for Droplet bouncing and skipping on microstructured hydrophobic surfacesSaksena, Rajat
10-Oct-2008The bounce-splash of a viscoelastic drop (low resolution video)Hernandez-Sanchez, Federico; Rene, Ledesma; Roberto, Zenit
19-Oct-2009Infrared video of a warm water surface in the presence and absence of surfactant monolayersBower, S. M.; Saylor, J. R.
17-Oct-2009Nanodroplet Impact on a Solid Platinum Surface: Spreading and BouncingLussier, Daniel T; Ventikos, Yiannis
6-Sep-2007Animations of hydrogen lifted flames: particles from the fuel streamWang, Haifeng; Pope, Stephen B.
16-Oct-2009Non-Newtonian sink flow cuspsSamano, Diego; Zenit, Roberto
16-Oct-2009Cellular Blood FlowClausen, Jonathan; Reasor, Daniel Jr; Aidun, Cyrus
9-Oct-2008The bounce-splash of a viscoelastic dropHernandez-Sanchez, Federico; Rene, Ledesma; Roberto, Zenit
16-Oct-2009Spreading Water on Teflon: Marangoni Influences and the Elimination of the Ring StainRendall, Clint; Majumder, Mainak; Pasquali, Matteo

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